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Hera Grey

Gender: female
Race: human
Age: late 20s
Height: tall
Build: curvy

Skin color: pale, but a bit ruddy
Eye color: grey
Hair color: cornsilk blonde
Hair style/quality: straight and a bit wispy, tied into a bun that’s always falling out in the front when she runs her hands through her hair

Usual clothing style: matronly, to say the least. full skirts, high necked collars, not much in the way of jewelry. She prefers practical footwear, and often wears working boots under her dresses.
Usual demeanor: polite, stoic and a bit stern, rarely smiles
Voice: sharp, a bit shrill at times

Other remarkable details:
prominent cheekbones, round face, sad and tired eyes. looks older than she actually is.

Hera Grey-A well-meaning young divorcée who doesn't intentionally hurt people.
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Sybil Bertrand

Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: Early twenties

Height: Somewhat taller than an average woman
Build: Hourglass-like; well-defined curves, long legs, slender hands.

Skin colour: Olive, earthy
Eye colour: A shade of reddish, rusty brown
Hair: A mass of black curls, usually held up by feathered combs or embellished with studded adornments.

Usual clothing style: Sybil has a remarkable predilection for darker colours, be it an attire suited for the day or the evening. She favours intricate patterns, laces and voluminous skirts.

Usual demeanour: Her overall tone tends to be flirtatious/risqué. Yet her behaviour may range from lively to introspective, according to the social occasion and to her surroundings.

Voice: Mezzosoprano, with a hint of huskiness.

Sybil Bertrand, the Licentious Correspondent.
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Mariposa Snakeblood
Mariposa Snakeblood
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Mariposa Snakeblood

Race: Moorish
Age: Early thirties

Height: 5'11"/180cm
Build: Lean and slightly muscular; somewhat broad shouldered, with wide hips and thick thighs.

Skin Colour: Mahogany, warm undertones
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Hair: Black, with 3B curls, around shoulder length. usually pinned in a bun to the side and covered with a feather hat.

Usual Clothing Style: Simple, yet decidedly feminine. Mariposa prefers her clothing in jewel colours - deep reds, blues, greens and violets. Her expensive taste in jewellery often portrays her as more wealthy than she truly is.

Usual Demanour: When not entirely focused on whatever task is at hand, Mariposa is generally quite amicable to those of all walks of life, and will happily engage in conversation with anyone nearby. She does not handle insults well.

Voice: Alto, with a subtle and hard to place accent.

Other Remarkable Details: Her skin is dotted with many dark moles, and she has a single scar across her right eye. She delights to tell the tale of how she acquired it.

Image (from Rinmaru Games):

Mariposa Snakeblood, Adventurer, Author, Scholar, Aspiring Captain.
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The Absurd Rogue
The Absurd Rogue
Posts: 1049

Alias: El Topo

Age: Way too old to be acting like this

Gender: Do we even still ask?

Height: Taller than you'd think.

Weight: Fatter than you'd hope.

General Appearance: With a shock of auburn hair and a pointed beard and mustache, he recalls images of that one Bohemian who played the devil in that play. It's illegal to show in theaters now, which should be telling. He likes to wear black because he thinks it makes him look less fat. He's not that fat. Yes, you are. No, I'm not. Yes, you are, stop interrupting.

Voice: Nyaaaggh. Neee. Nyehehe. The voice that you made reading those is probably pretty close to what his voice sounds like.

Favorite Food: Grilled rat.

Skin Color: Wet Bread

Eye Color: Love

Hair Color: Extreme Love

"There is never another story. There is only one, and I try to tell it with every page. I fail, and I try again. There are no new stories; I have this one."

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Luminen Walker
Luminen Walker
Posts: 172

Cpt. Martin Walker

Gender: Male
Race: Human as anyone else is down here.
Age: Appears to be in the prime of his life.

Height: Slightly taller than average.
Build: Athletic and of generally average size and shape. More like a boxer than a lifter.

Skin Colour: His skin was rather tanned before the fall... The lack of a sun has changed this.
Eye Colour: Brown with flecks and streaks of green and grey.
Hair Colour: Dark Brown.
Hair Style: His hair tends to be short and straight and is usually both clean and cleanly cut. He also maintains a short moustache and goatee.

Usual Clothing and Accessories: His usual apparel is a "modern" syled three-piece suit in restrained colours, usually a variety of greys, a pair of finely crafted gloves and mirror-polished shoes. He frequently wears a corduroy greatcoat and a trilby hat within the city as well as a pair of cosmogene spectacles. His most frequently seen accessories are an electrum pocket watch and a cane (being used as a sheath for a cosmogene tinted skyglass blade).

Usual Demeanor: Calm, dry, and straight backed. Generally Friendly.
Drawing by Zer0[/spoiler]
edited by TeslaWalker on 10/24/2016
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edited by TeslaWalker on 6/26/2017

1 - Cpt. Martin Walker, a Paramount and Marvellous Dreamer.
2 - Ariana Crivelli, a silent and sagacious lady.
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Morkan Kassington
Morkan Kassington
Posts: 261

TeslaWalker wrote:
Cpt. Martin Walker

With the beard, I think your forum avatar suits Martin better than the one you are using ingamesmile

Ladies of the Neath, here comes Morkan Kassington, the gem among gentlemen
(He is actually a self-centered and foolish braggart, but he means no harm. Hit him up for social actions or dangerous lessons! Or just flirt.)
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Lord Hattie
Lord Hattie
Posts: 15

Lord William Masters

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: Early 50's

Height: Slightly above average, around 6'
Build: Broad shouldered and trim. Maybe a little lighter than he used to be, his appetite isn't what it once was.

Skin color: Pale. Too much time in the Neath will do that to you.
Eye color: Brown, and with that unique quality posessed only by those who have been hurt greatly.
Hair color: Grey. Once upon a time it was a dark brown, but time has since bleached it. He likes it this way.
Hair style/quality: Short, trimmed, and beyond all elegant. His facial hair covers most of his face, and is often well groomed.

Usual clothing style: William is usually impeccably dressed, although rarely bothers to follow with the latest fashion trends. Indeed, he often looks a but outdated, but his charisma allows it to take more of a timeless quality than it might on others. One notable issue is that no matter what, he dresses in black. Occasionally with the odd accent, a spot of colour in the form of a pocket square or a flower, but most days he looks like he is about to attend a very fashionable funeral.

Usual demeanor: Usually, William is cheery. A certain bounce in his step, a smile on his face and a firm handshake. Almost anyone who pays attention to him, however, knows that this is a lie. A well formed one, created after many years of practise, but a lie nonetheless. When he thinks nobody is looking, when no-one is watching, his facade slips. He stares off into the distance, his eyes begin to water a bit, and his smile droops into a frown.

Voice: Baritone

Other remarkable details: -

Lord William "Hattie" Masters - In-game Profile The Melancholy Lord, open for pretty much all social activities and roleplay
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Swinging Dove
Swinging Dove
Posts: 24

"Deacon" Ronald Morrison

Gender: Male
Race: Human, of course.
Age: Mid to late 30s.

Height: Slightly shorter than 6', with a noticeable difference.
Build: Rather average on all fronts. You could guess, from his build, that he worked as a builder.

Skin colour: His skin was pale even before the Neath. This has not changed.
Eye colour: Green-blue, or grey, as it looks to be.
Hair: His hair and beard are coloured ash-brown, with a remarkably low quality of white hairs. His hair is curly and usually neatly made, if a few stray hairs do stick out from time to time. He has a full beard, slightly and subtly trimmed from the sides.

Usual attire: When he can, he wears suits. Every piece is of a similar colour. The quality is not the best. His hat is a slightly worn John Bull. He keeps gloves in the suit pocket.

Usual demeanor: Ronald is usually calm, friendly and collected when speaking, and perhaps just a bit threatening. He is rather straightforward, usually, and you'll rarely catch him laughing, only smirking at best.

Voice: Slightly deeper (than average) baritone. Slightly gruff.

Other things of note: Nothing much in particular, although he is very slightly cross-eyed. It is hardly noticeable.
edited by Ronald Morrison on 8/1/2016
edited by Swinging Dove on 1/18/2017


Just who is Ronald?

Accepting all invitations and the like. Do come and get acquainted!
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Eglantine Fox

If one is to look at Eglantine, one will see a figure that might be a pretty, effeminate man, or a handsome woman in mannish garb. An observer would put their age at their late twenties to early thirties. They stand about 5'5" high, weighing around 130lbs, built slender, with wiry muscle. Their eyes started out green, but are currently a dark, stormy grey, due to Neathly dream shenanigans. They are pale-skinned, having always been so, but the Neath hasn't exactly helped in that regard. Their hair is red-auburn, artfully disheveled, after the fashion of some Bohemians who wish to cultivate an impression that they have but recently been involved in something interesting and probably scandalous. In Eglantine's case, that might just be true, but it's getting their hair to stop looking like that which is the tricky bit, rather than arranging it.

They tend to dress in elegant suits, socially, but ratskin and other more exotic choices can and do make an appearance if they're actually having to work at something. Their usual demeanour is the kind one finds in a number of people in Veilgarden: cheerfully hedonistic, languidly flirtatious, frequently amused. Eglantine in a serious mood is much, much more dangerous than their usual attitudes suggest. Their voice hovers somewhere between a low alto and a high tenor, and a keen and knowing ear might occasionally pick up the faint vestiges of a Welsh accent.

Eglantine Fox, the charming and androgynous Correspondent, teetering between hobbies of seduction and self-destruction.

Siobhan O'Malley, Irish patriot (or 'bl__dy Fenian' if you're impolite).

Isidore Day, an up-and-coming London gentleman. All allegations of wrongdoing are categorically denied.
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Lord Gazter
Lord Gazter
Posts: 669

Lord Gazter

Lord Gazter is a gentleman of thirty-six. He is physically not imposing being rather thin with only a height of 5'6". Lord Gazter has blonde hair and green eyes behind his spectacles. Lord Gazter keeps himself well groomed and has a mustache and goatee upon his face.

Lord Gazter is rather handsome gentleman, who most often appears to be jovial and amused with a smile upon his lips. He prefers to stay noble and high class in his posture and manner. He often wears what is considered fashionable by society and keeps up his appearance as a gentleman except for some devilish fashion like his devilish fedora, which he is usually seen with.
edited by Lord Gazter on 8/17/2016

Lord Gazter: a charming gentleman of noble birth and a person of significant influence.

Victoria Crow: a spirited la.. young woman and freshly anointed firebrand.

Get a copy of the Phlegethonian Gazette for pertinent and trustworthy news! Only ten pence!
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Haha, I can't believe I forgot to make one of these for Flesh-Stick:

Gender: Male

Age: He doesn't know. Perhaps early 30's?

Race: Human/Caucasian

Height: Actually it's hard to tell. Fleshy usually walks and even runs hunched over a bit.

Build: Lean and fit. Seems to have a slightly more delicate build than regular Psycho Bandits.

Skin color: Fairly pale. He lived out on the tundra and now lives in a cave so he's never gotten much sun.

Eye color: Very light blue

Hair color: Red, although it's not really obvious because he dyes it.

Hair style/quality: Wears his hair in a triple mohawk. The outer two are dyed bright orange. The inner one is dyed turquoise. The rest of his head is shaved.

Usual clothing style: Orange pants, boots, belt and some kind of gasmask with round, dark goggles and an upside down "V" on it. He also has bandages wrapped around his arms and wears some kind of fingerless glove on his right hand, the same hand he holds his weapon with. He does not wear a shirt, and likes to take off his pants as well, if he can get away with it. He doesn't wear underwear either :P

On formal occasions, he will put on an orange bowtie, but remains shirtless.

Usual demeanor: Usually boisterous and cheerful, but very quick-tempered and also easily saddened if reminded of one of his personal demons. Essentially, his emotions change on a dime and he feels all of them very intensely. This can be exhausting, both for him and the people around him.

Voice: High pitched, whiny, and very VERY loud.

Other remarkable details: He's covered in numerous eyeball tattoos, some large and detailed, like the bleeding eye on his back, others small and abstract, like the spiral with eyelashes on his belly. Some of the eyes have the same upside down "V" symbol that's on his mask for pupils. All of them are done in the same orangish ink. One of the smallest eyes is crying.

He is deathly afraid of tea.

Haha, silly Fleshy, how did you get into this mess?

edited by Kukapetal on 8/9/2016
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A Dimness
A Dimness
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It's not hard to picture your OC when he looks exactly like every other Tomb-Colonist out there. Perhaps he has a slightly more energetic tread and perhaps he drinks his Black Widows Absinthe by the bottle, but he's still a miserable pile of dusty bones clad in bandages. Except the bandages sometimes writhe.

A truth so strange it can only be lied into existence
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Siobhan O'Malley

Gender: Female
Age: Mid twenties.
Race: Human (Celtic)
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Approx 140lbs.
Build: Willowy build, but with some lean muscle.
Skin colour: Pale, with freckles that are the most obvious sign that she's surface-born.
Eye colour: Blue-grey.
Hair: Black, curly, worn tied back most of the time.

Clothes: Usually found in simple, practical dresses that aren't an encumbrance to her, and that she can hide a weapon in.
Usual demeanour: Friendly, mostly, with a very sweet smile, unless her temper gets set off, at which point she's hard as steel. Switches to sullen attitude if forced to coexist too long with figures of English authority.

Voice: Mid-range for a woman, with quite obvious Irish accent, that gets stronger when she's upset.

Eglantine Fox, the charming and androgynous Correspondent, teetering between hobbies of seduction and self-destruction.

Siobhan O'Malley, Irish patriot (or 'bl__dy Fenian' if you're impolite).

Isidore Day, an up-and-coming London gentleman. All allegations of wrongdoing are categorically denied.
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Jean Rowley
Jean Rowley
Posts: 37

Jean Rowley

Gender: Female.

Age: It depends on the light. Could be late twenties. A little older when you hear her. A little younger when you see her.

Race: Human.

Height: 5'5''

Build: An indiscreet observer might call her plump.

Skin colour: Mediterranean/Middle-eastern.

Hair: Dark brown, but much of it is already grey, silver in the light. Old hair, young eyes.

Clothes: She prefers simpler things. She was in the novitiate once, when Sinning Jenny was only Sister In Charge Of Professions.

Voice: Alto. Gentle, but firm.

Usual demeanour: Distant, but certain. She listens to everyone who speaks to her with the same patience, but if you look at her from the corner of your eye, you may catch her staring past you, over your shoulder, in horror. Willing to help. Unwilling to divulge her secrets.

Jean Rowley, a young scholar and only daughter, taking refuge in the Neath.


alt: Isaac Albergower, a private tutor to society families, and confident swordsman http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Isaac~Albergower
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Ira _____
Ira _____
Posts: 5

Bentley K. / "Mr. Tiger" / Canon.

Gender: Male enough.
Race: As human as anyone can be in the Neath.
Age: Late Twenties, Early Thirties

Height: 5'9"
Build: Lean and muscular. However his entire body almost looks unhealthily thin.
Skin color: He was tan before coming to the neath. But it's been almost 2 years down here, and one can't multiple deaths and repeated trips into places of unnatural lights without their skin slowly bleaching into an almost Albino pale.
Eye color: Grey.
Hair color: Black
Hair style/quality: Wiry and unruly. An tangled mass which rarely can be controlled even by the finest stylists in London.

Usual clothing style: Usual? Heh. He has no "Usual' style. Simply the style that's most convenient for the occasion. Armor for those rough encounters. Drab, dark clothing of unnaturual beguiling for the stealthy encounters. His finest garb for those encounters where charm is the perfect weapon. The closest he gets to usual is his investigating clothes. He looks more like a walking blast suit with magnifying glasses then a living, breathing organism.

Usual demeanor: Whatever it needs to be. It is warm and inviting to most who approach him. But there is an air of detactment in everything he does, since he discovered the Correspondence anyway. He is always watching and waiting for knowledge which is hiding in plain sight from everyone. He makes as many friends as possible and stockpiles everything of an potential worth to someone.
Voice: A lower Alto, which drops in pitch as his mood drops.

He started a one of those up-and-coming wannbe lords who fell down the Neath to gain his wealth and influence. He thinks. As he began unraveling secrets it began to unravel his mind and grasp on his sense of self. He was consumed by the need to KNOW. He often keeps up this draining appearance of a gentlemen in his day to day life. But since that first discovery he prefers to keep to the shadows and avoid... unwanted attention. And so keeps himself to the side of action when he is able to. He is always writing everything he sees. A pen and pad are always in his hands. Because some day what you say will have greater value. He also is beyond reckless. He has learned that nothing down here has true consequences for someone of his skill. Death is a terrible chess player, Snakes make for good night-time companions, the prisons really need to tighten security, and his best friends have always been tomb-colonists.
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Posts: 118

Lord Gregory (He has a first name, but it is a heavily guarded secret)

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: Somewhere above 35

Height: Almost absurdly tall
Build: Heavy, muscular, small hands for the size of his arms. Generally just very large

Skin color: Rather pale
Eye color: Pelegin
Hair color: Golden blonde.
Hair style/quality: Almost shoulder length, either somewhat unkempt or meticulously primmed, featuring a single braid. Also present is a frankly spectacular enormous slightly curled moustache

Usual clothing style: Varies from situation to situation, most situations however call for a finely crafted long coat, which he covers most of his bulk with. What lies under this coat can vary from rather formal attire to almost straight up plate mail. A monocle is generally also present. The only permanent accoutrement he maintains is a large sharpened bone which he uses as a walking cane, guesture magnifier, convenient pointing device and often times weapon. The colours of his clothes would strike anyone with any knowledge of colour theory as insane. Despite this, they rarely look terrible.

Usual demeanor: Frank, somewhat stern, almost totally unwavering in confidence. A confidence reflected in both his stance, his speech and his presence. Jovial to a point, but very rarely undignified.

Voice: Low, ever so slightly gravelly. Strong punctuation

Other remarkable details: - Think "A 18th century lord, in the body of a warrior from the mountains, doing the best with what he's got"

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Mr. Hamilton
Mr. Hamilton
Posts: 80

Mr. Hamilton

35 (Birthday Oct. 24th)

Slightly taller than average
Not muscular nor flimsy

Skin color:
Eye color:
Bright Green
Hair color:
Light Brown
Hair style/quality:
Reaches nearly to shoulders, neatly combed

Usual clothing style: Brown Waistcoat nearly reaching down to knees, black fedora, long black pants

Usual demeanor: Kind, he always wants to be doing something, helpful

Voice: Loud, low
edited by Mr. Hamilton on 8/31/2016

I am open to any calling cards and most other social events.

My alt: http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/George~Albany

My alt's appearance: http://community.failbettergames.com/topic9363-your-characters-appearances.aspx?Page=8#post164336

My main profile: http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Mr%20Hamilton

My main profile's appearance: [urlhttp://community.failbettergames.com/topic9363-your-characters-appearances.aspx?Page=6#post164298
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Posts: 69

Dr. Florence Garrison
Gender: Female

Race: Human
Age: Late 20s/early 30s.

Height: Short. Very short.
Build: Curvy and a bit pudgy. Never wears a corset- how scandalous!

Skin color: Very light tan.
Eye color: Dark blue, like a tortured simile about a stormy sea.
Hair color: Blackest black. So black, in fact, that it looks blue in certain lightings.
Hair style/quality: Worn in a big, unstyled mass of curls that reaches to a bit below her chin.

Usual clothing style: Stylish, surprisingly enough. She's fond of deep blue, slate grey, and rich golden shades. While she doesn't keep up with every new trend, her clothing is elegant enough to look fashionable almost all the time. Also notable is her fondness for fine top hats.
Usual demeanor: Inquisitive, cheery, and polite. Unless you start asking the wrong questions.

Voice: A bright, calm-sounding soprano.

Other remarkable details: A blotchy red scar covers the left side of her face and neck, and finds its way onto parts of the right side, too. Florence wears huge, thick eyeglasses at all times that make her eyes seem disproportionately large and owlish.

http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/ForScience - The Intrepid Scholar. A dauntless scientist.
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Posts: 58

Esméralda Julien

Gender: Female, obviously so
Race: Human and glad
Age: 27, give or take

Height: 5'5" or 1.66m depending on one's metric
Build: Slight, but fit enough to not look out of place aboard a ship

Skin: Mediterranean olive
Eyes: Hazel
Hair Colour: Somewhere between brown and black
Hair Style: Most commonly a single braid down to mid-back

Typical Dress: Plain but neat; skirts are as likely as trousers, heels as loafers, bonnets as hats.

Typical Demeanor: Quiet, observant, and polite, Esmé drinks and smokes but only socially. She is rarely ever past the point of tipsy. If it weren’t for the resolve she displays in the face of adversity and people with very wrong opinions trying to foist them on others, one would assume her to be rather a pushover. She does not have her previous captain’s knack for solving problems with violence, but generally speaking she holds her own.

Voice: Fairly normal and unassuming, though she sings more than passingly well.

Other relevant details: Esméralda attends Church as regularly as her schedule allows. She isn’t particularly holy or devout, but she knows she can use the spiritual help, given the things she sees and does on a regular basis. Despite this, she maintains a certain politeness toward the devils for reasons unknown. A scar, faded but clearly visible, runs from the bridge of her nose down past her left cheekbone.

Saevitia's profile and appearance! [Gone NORTH]

Now playing Esméralda, Saevitia's former helmswoman and moralistic Campaigner; she looks like this.

I'm usually up for RP. Social actions are generally accepted; those with in-character RP invitations are most likely to be reciprocated.
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Mr K
Mr K
Posts: 4

As the name might suggest, Mr K is not fond of talking about himself. His thin pale face, framed by a slightly receding hairline and a voluptuous pair of burnt siena muttonchops, gives him the appearance of a haggard lion. No one knows for sure where he comes from, though a chirpy Cockney accent suggests he has never ventured far from Fallen London.

'Don't let that fool you,' Mrs Blenkinsop, a local gossip once said. 'Those Khanate spies are crafty ones. I've spied his handwriting and no native Londoner would be so reckless in his use of semi-colons.'

Mr K is aware of the rumours, but he always laughs them off. Despite this, he does admit to maintaining an abnormally keen interest in Echo Bazaar politics, and can frequently be found at Beatrice's Tea Shop, advocating clay dockworker rights. Patrons describe him as a dandy, resplendent in his plum cloak and ebony walking cane, though some claim he gets nervous at the merest hint of a blue uniform.
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