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Vincent Asmund
Vincent Asmund
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Vincent Åsmund (Alias "VÅ"

Gender: Undetermined, though most assume they're male.
Race: Most probably human, but some claim they see void eyes under his luminous goggles.
Age: Age Range of 23-28

Height: 190cm (6'2)
Build: VÅ looks as thin as a scarecrow at first, although one can figure out he has a slightly muscular build- at least, muscular enough to defend himself.

Skin color: White as snow.
Eye color: His goggles seem to reflect a grey-green light, apart from the light it contains.
Hair color: Raven, sometimes mistaken for black.
Hair style/quality: Usually messy and some is dyed grey, unless at a social event where he'll have it washed and combed to the side.

Usual clothing style: He wears a clean morning suit, polished shoes, luminous Neathglass goggles, and carries Warm Amber with him.

Voice: His voice is soothing-- it washes over you like waves on a lovely calm morning and he uses that for multiple purposes, whether it be for crime, for poetry or for scandal.

Usual accompaniment: N/A, although he has a Racing Slug of Fine Pedigree.


Vincent Åsmund
, a Correspondent gathering a large amount of knives.

Konstantin Sorokin, a newcomer to the Neath with revolutionary tendencies.
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Andrew Astherson
Andrew Astherson
Posts: 118

Andrew Astherson

Gender: Male
Race: Human, Metis (Euro-Arian / Tatar)
Age: visually - 31

Height: 177 cm. (5'77 feet)
Weight: 88 kg. (13.85 stones)
Build: somatotype 3-5-2
Stocky and beefy: strong chest, shoulders and hips; thick neck; slightly smaller palms and feet; muscles are heavy but not very textured.
Skin color: Warm beige
Eye color: Blue-green (fluorite)
Hair color: Charcoal black
Hair style: Short haircut (half-box),
Facial hair: Two days old bristle.
General agility: fast-paced, a bit pounding and determined gait; his movements are "bestially" agile, which contradicts with his rather "bearish" constitution.
Voice: deep, rather low and little bit gruff baritone.

Clothing style: dark salt-grey greatcoat Is worn upon light lacquered cuirass; fragments of lacquered shoulder armor attached upon the greatcoat; heavy belt with sheath for a curved knife and ammo pockets holds dark-grey uniform trousers; black leather gloves are armored with light chitin plates; shoes resemble laborers models yet made of some strange material and, surprisingly, armored with chitin and iron plates; there’s some weird monocle chained to the greatcoat near the right chest pocket.

Personality type: LSI-SE (Logical sensing introtim with developed sensorics) / ISTJ-T

Occupation: Independent monster-hunter, personal entrepreneur, drill sergeant for hire.

Likes: firearms, history, fencing, tales of faraway lands and exotic beasts, myths and legends, lots of music genres,chants, bakery, berries, bakery with berries, tea with balms, ham, cheese, bakery with ham, bakery with cheese, bakery with ham and cheese, charismatic persons, charismatic persons with baking skills, academics, migrants, some animals, surface and its nature.
Dislikes: arrogant, lewd, snobbish people, racists, politicians, criminals, con artists, alcoholics, narcomaniacs, perverts of all sorts, cavernous / nautical bestialities and abominations, undead, devils, fish dishes, mushrooms, mushroom spores, alcohol, tobacco smoke, rust,

Demeanor: While being very introtimous, he exploits his multi-layered social "shell"
- On public / with strangers: Coldly polite, honest and austere, suspicious and judging, dislikes being at the center of attention, prefers to choose with whom to communicate (hunter's approach); usually laconic and pragmatic but likes to shoot with very cynical jokes from time to time; not very conflicting - withholds aggression to the certain level, and if offender breaks that level - applies some particularly brutal feats of violence; unforgetful and unforgiving. His public behavior may be described as a rather sinister sort of "Antihero" cliche.
- With trusted acquaintances / people of interest: More positive, merry and self-ironic, quite benevolent, dependable and honest; rich on the pieces of advice, eager to help, likes to tell a bit rude anecdotes as well as exotic stories. This line of demeanor is probably close to the "noble savage" cliche.
- With those few allowed under his "shell": surprisingly loyal stalwart with hypertrophied defensive instincts, behaves as the "pack's" backbone, caring to the degree when some may find his care a bit oppressing.
- In the field: Pragmatic, cunning, merciless and exceptionally violent, unless accompanied by some of his friends. Tries to remain calm, but prone to the manic sort of frenzy while being under heavy pressure. Rather not sadistic - he cares about efficiency, what presumes calculation of the risks / time factor / needed strength combination. Usually behaves wickedly operative and persistent, unless such attitude turns to be uneffective.
Other: does not drink alcohol, does not smoke, does not consume narcotics and other psychotropic essences, does not know how to dance, does know how to provide first aid and to treat traumas, has perfectionistic inclinations.

How did this testosteronic adoration get here ? You may find that out .

Clement Mustela

Gender: Male
Race: Human, Euro-arian
Age: somewhere between 26-29

Height: 182 cm. (5'97 feet)
Weight: 69 kg. (10.86 stones)
Build: somatotype 2-2-4
Quite average and unremarkable proportion of fat and muscle mass; rather tall; muscles are not textured
Skin color: Celtic pale
Eye color: Grey-blue (pale topaz)
Hair color: Chestnut brunette
Hair style: Medium and youthfully messy
Facial hair: none.
General agility: lightly-paced, little bit clumsy (in an adorable way), able to move silently and (in some fe___n' urgent situations) very fast .
Voice: warm tenor

Clothing style: tidy jackets, semi-formal trousers, mirror-polished boots, classy accessories like an exquisite watch. He prefers rather formal suits, but sometimes he can dress quite bizarre.

Personality type: EIE-ET (Ethical intuitive extrotim with developed ethics) / ENFJ-T

Occupation: Watcher, part-time detective, jack-of-all-trades.

Likes: Travels, variability, some fine read, fine beverages, fine food, fine (if not exotic) company, small towns, lovely hamlets and province as a category, children, critters, corvuses, music, being merry and casual.
Dislikes: unforeseen emergencies, monstrous acts of behavior, maniacs, hereditary aristocracy, visual and behavioral arrogance, overzealous clergy, bankers, usurers, cockroaches, huge towns, excessive drama, being gravely serious.

Demeanor: Very outgoing, social and friendly. Some think that he could have become a fine diplomat, other say that he is a natural teacher. The fact that no one ever seen him enraged draws attention of various pugilists, sailors, criminals, and other bully types. Hopefully, he has many friends who can protect him in threatening situations. Despite being an Irishman, he likes culture events, music, and good literature. His liveliness granted him with the ability to come along with many social groups and strata. If conflict or trouble emerges, he tries to defuse it by all reasonable means. Some may say that he preserved that certain youthful spirit (probably because he behaves like an overgrown child when being in a mischievous mood). Truth to be told, he is quite vulnerable and turbulent, but his strong (if not stubborn) optimism helps him not to yield to this wold's wickedness and cruelty.
Other: though he prefers to eat either than to cook, he is a semi-decent cook; may burst into dance when drunk; has a bite spot on his back (though he never tells who bit him and in what circumstances); likes to sing when no one listens.
edited by Andrew Astherson on 7/14/2016

> Currently open for RP:
Andrew Astherson - heavy-tempered, rapacious but reliable menace of slavonic-tatar origin.
Clement "don't you call me Clem!" Mustela - merry and licentious to a stupid degree Irishman-detective
> My lads appearances ; Astherson's short backstory

> Seeking for RP partner(s), are you ? This thread might be the right place.
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Catherina (Cathy, never Cath)

Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: She hasn't the faintest idea. From looking at her face in the mirror and from vague memories of when her childhood was, she would guess she was around 20 years old. Not that she cares.
Height: Short, very short
Build: The kind of build a girl would get after living off of scraps and the kindness of strangers who don't know they're being kind to the wrong person for most of her life.
Skin color: Pale
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Red and very, very curly. She never bothers taming it, just tries to stuff it all under a big enough hat.
Usual clothing style: Colours, ribbons, overly big hats and whatever she can find that she thinks looks nice. She isn't afraid of inappropriate dresses, in fact she enjoys the scandalized looks almost as much as the stares. Perhaps even more.
Usual demeanor: She doesn't quite know when to take things seriously, but when she does, she takes things Very Seriously indeed. Cathy is an optimistic and enthusiastic girl who smiles and laughs a lot. She likes friends, whether they're actual friends, strangers or perhaps even enemies. She thinks she's more clever than she actually is and is also quite a reckless sort of girl, but she somewhat makes up for it with her charm. Catherina knows how to get herself out of sticky situations. Unless they're affairs of the heart, in which case she's completely hopeless. In short, she's an idiot, but an interesting one, at least.
Voice: She likes faking accents and will usually try to use the right accent for the right occasion, but her own is very common. Her voice is high and very loud. She can yell at people from three blocks away and they would hear it. Unless she's being secretive, of course. In which case she'll whisper so softly she'll have to repeat herself five times.
Other remarkable details: Some scars she doesn't like to talk about, some of which are in the middle of her face. She has a kitten called Soot. She lives on Cathy's shoulder.
edited by Catherina on 6/27/2015

Catherina, an intriguing and watchful lady
Social actions always welcome. I do so love new friends, don't you?
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I'm planning on drawing these two, and I haven't as concrete an idea of 23 as of 13, but I figured it'd be neat to do a couple of these up.


Cryptix 23 - The Lady of Ravens

Gender: Female, more or less
Race: Human(?)
Age: Young 20s, or at least acts that way

Height: 6'1"
Build: Thin, just a little curvy, with long limbs and hands and stooped shoulders. Not much muscle, but she's working on that.

Skin color: A darkish tawny, though somewhat faded and greyed with lack of sun
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Ash-brown, a few shades darker than her skin, and terribly unremarkable
Hair style/quality: Thin and straight, mid-back length, without enough body to cooperate with most hairstyles other than 'loose bun'. Prone to flyaways. She keeps meaning to cut it all off.
Facial Characteristics: A hawkish profile, strong chin, prominent brow, heavy bags under her eyes, and a tendency to grin most improperly.

Usual clothing style: Whatever the occasion calls for, but often leaning towards the masculine for ease of motion and quick changes. She far prefers waistcoats and trousers to corsets and skirts. If she had things her way, she'd always be wearing her knee-length boots and opera cloak, with perhaps a nice charcoal-gray three-piece.

Usual demeanor: Exuberant, prone to throwing herself wholeheartedly into any of a number of ventures at any given time, with an unflinching optimism. She tries to be taciturn and mysterious like the vigilantes that she styles herself after, but often fails at it. Eager to make contacts among all walks of life. Quick to side with the little guy. The deathless nature of the Neath has made her a tad trigger-happy, but she still tries to avoid unnecessary violence.

Voice: Smooth and soothing, a nice baritone.

Other remarkable details: Ink-stained hands from writing of her experiences and adventures. Generally found in the company of several ravens, hence her chosen moniker. Trying to simultaneously juggle a problem with nightmares and laudanum. Has a tattoo on the inside of her left wrist of the number 23 imposed over three thick parallel lines of varying length, unlike any of Clathermont's offerings.


Cryptix 13 - The Aluminum Eagle - "The Eagle" ("Lumi," if you're close. You probably aren't.)

Gender: Unknown, defaults to male pronouns
Race: Human(?)
Age: Unknown. Probably upper 20s.

Height: "I thought you'd be taller" -- something about The Eagle's demeanor suggests a looming figure of well over six feet, so it's a bit of a shock that he's only 5'5". It doesn't help that his spine curves and gives him a slouch.
Build: Angular, and wiry; what little that's on his frame is muscle. His limbs, particularly his arms, are too long for his build.

Skin color: Corpselike darkish gray-brown, with a blue hypothermic tinge, and blackened fingers
Eye color: Grey-blue, more grey than blue
Hair color: What escapes from beneath his hat and wrappings is an iron-gray
Hair style/quality: Wispy and thin, unevenly short. If he has any facial hair it's well-hidden.
Facial Characteristics: The Eagle's wrappings fail to hide a strong aquiline profile (to put it less politely, his very prominent nose). There is a hint as well of a strong jawline and high cheekbones. He takes pains to cover his mouth very well, with a slight cut to drink and eat through.

Usual clothing style: The Eagle's sartorial choice of wrapping his entire upper body, from waist to face to fingertips, in linen bandages does not particularly stand out in the Neath. Over the wrappings he wears a gray newsboy cap -- pulled low over his eyes -- and a brown tweed overcoat with the collar pulled high; below the wrappings, dyed nankeen trousers and rubber-soled black boots. Shirt, waistcoat, collar, and all the accoutrements of civilized society are often eschewed unless, for some reason, he feels the need to make a good impression as other than an uncivilized bruiser. All of his clothes bear all sorts of mysterious and unsavory stains, clearly stating a history of violence and inadequate relationship with laundry services.

Usual demeanor: "Unfriendly" is the best term for it. Quiet and perpetually glowering, more likely to talk with his fists than to bandy words. He does seem to have a soft-spot for urchins, clay men, and tomb-colonists.

Voice: Rough and gravelly, with a whistling, slurring quality that points to something irregular about the mouth producing it.

Other remarkable details: He is exceedingly fond of his knuckledusters, and the mangy marsh-wolf he calls Fishguts. Has a heavily scarred-over tattoo on the inside of his left wrist of the number 13 imposed over three thick parallel lines of varying length, unlike any of Clathermont's offerings.
edited by Cryptix23 on 7/1/2015

Prone to occasionally disappear for weeks at a time.

Lady 23; the Magnanimous Midnighter, self-styled detective vigilante. Extraordinary Mind. Loves boxed cats.
The Aluminum Eagle; grumpy bandaged hobgoblin with entirely too many dogs. Shattering Force.
Threnody Lament; charmingly ruthless socialite.
Carrion Crow; Seeker of the Name. Cares little for safety or sanity.

All characters accepting calling cards and social actions. Follow their adventures here
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Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: Mid 30s

Height: A shade under six foot

Build: Lithe but muscular.

Skin color: Pale

Eye color: Blue

Hair: Dark brown. Always combed, in a centre parting with the length being just underneath the eye level.
Usual clothing style: Always a deep maroon three-piece velvet suit, with the jacket open, a crisp white shirt, jewelled cuff links and a cravat patterned black and white. Worn with black slightly heeled pointed shoes.

Usual demeanour: Stands straight, both hands leaning on his walking cane. Appears aloof, always watching. Smiles wryly when he has seen or heard something of interest. Gives the impression he is aware of everything. When engaged in conversation, very charming and affable. Almost too charming...

Voice: An articulate upper-class British accent, with impeccable manners.

Other remarkable details: Scarred knuckles. Dark brown goatee beard. A gold insignia ring on his right pinkie, which has had the insignia scratched off until it is indecipherable.
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Cotton Dee
Cotton Dee
Posts: 76

Henry Lamperouge

Gender: Male

Race: Human, for now.

Age: Late 20's, possibly mid thirties

Height: 5'11 (and a half) inches, although Mr Lamperouge prefers to give it out in metric units (1.81 metres).

Build: Mr Lamperouge's build is sinewy and slender. The man is thin as a rake and strong as an ox, paradoxical as that may seem. Eyewitnesses often report this as 'supernatural' strength.

Skin Coloration: Typically pale white, although those of Mr Lamperouge's entourage report a subtle tan whenever he returns back from zee

Eye Coloration: Brown, although other reports place them as grey, especially from honey-afflicted sources.

Hair Coloration: Onyx Black, Midnight Black, or some other description of particular black. Most sources ascribe a 'shadowiness' to Mr Lamperouge's hair, as though it drinks the light. Suspected use of powdered coal, dessicated ink, or other substance to achieve this effect.

Hair Style/Length: Short to Medium length, usually combed. No fringe to speak of. Otherwise unremarkable. Facial hair varies widely from account to account, but most that meet Mr Lamperouge on his day-to-day agree he prefers a clean-shaven look.

Usual Dress: Mr Lamperouge dresses sharply, with subtle flair. He shows a preference toward well cut suits and other accoutrements generally befitting of a taste for the rich. He also has a proclivity for masks.

Demeanour: Mr Lamperouge has a demeanour typically described as subdued, or subtle. He refrains as much as he can from overt or 'loud' action, and moves with a quiet swiftness as he goes about his day. Often quite sociable, Mr Lamperouge in casual encounters can be quite chatty; although at times he may instead opt to be terse. Constables should note this terseness if it is not directed at any particular person; quite often it indicates Mr Lamperouge has pressing business.

Mr Lamperouge has a soft, pleasant voice, and has a habit of rhythmic speaking reminiscent of a hypnotist or charlatan. His accent is The Empress' English, although there are hints of a French affect.

When confident, Mr Lamperouge tends to hum. Officers seeking to make an arrest are advised to make tactical retreat and signal for backup should Mr Lamperouge begin humming for no apparent reason.

Other Identifying Features: Mr Lamperouge has a scar reminiscent of an animal bite upon his upper forearm, said bite mark matches those found on victims of the Eater-Of-Chains hysteria. Investigations into Mr Lamperouge regarding this matter are still ongoing. Among his accoutrements Lamperouge has been seen in possesion of a Bejewelled Cane, some form of Tanned mask, a small golden badge in the shape of an apple, and some species of bird that informants at the Labyrinth have informed the Constabulary to be a Bifurcated Owl.

Rumours concerning Mr Lamperouge's pocketwatch, evidence of an Iron Republic Journal, everlasting candle or "eerie burbling song" are to be discarded as hearsay BY ORDER. Officers reading this would do well to remind themselves that London Constabulary are to act on FACTUAL EVIDENCE ALONE, not any of this poppycock about everburning candles and such.

Prior Criminal Record:

Surface Records on Mr Lamperouge are unobtainable at this time. Since being detained for unlawful entry into the realm and his subsequent escape from prison, Mr Lamperouge has been caught and succesfully jailed for a spate of burglaries throughout the 'Neath, as well as harrasment of governing officials and interference in government business. Mr Lamperouge has broken out of New Newgate more times than most men have had warm meals.

Mr Lamperouge has been exiled to the Tomb Colonies numerous times for lewd and indecent behaviour, sometimes imposing this exile himself for reasons not yet clear. Officers are advised NOT to examine these circumstances further.

Warnings And Statuses Placed By This Office Upon Person Of Interest:


Henry Lamperouge may be found here...

Current Grind: 1/42 Presumptious Little Opportunites
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Zareen Bakara
Zareen Bakara
Posts: 66

Zareen Bakara

Gender: Female.
Race: Human (half Persian, half Abyssinian).
Age: Appears to be in her mid to late twenties, though her short stature and slender build can make her seem much younger if viewed from a distance or while wearing a disguise.
Height: 157cm (5’2”).
Weight: 51kg (112lb).

Build: Slender, with an hourglass figure.
Skin colour: Café au lait.
Eye colour: Warm brown.
Hair colour: Very dark brown, almost black.

Hair style: Her long hair is worn up in public, piled on top of the head in an intricate bun; it is only allowed to fall free in private.
Clothing style: Typically wears well-made, unostentatious dresses that do not stand out (save to those with an eye for fine tailoring), along with a Persian scarf. Reserves glamorous style and elaborate jewellery for special events (the image at the end of this post shows her appearance on one such occasion).

Voice: A gentle alto. Her accent is British, with a slight Middle Eastern lilt.
Usual demeanour: Polite, kind, and intellectual. Carries herself with excellent posture. Can grow very passionate and outspoken when touching on matters that are important to her. Seems to have an overall air of naïveté, in the sense of expecting better from the average person than a seasoned individual would consider wise. However, this naïveté is blunted somewhat by the way she always keeps an eye to her surroundings in the Neath, as if she does not fully trust the environment in which she finds herself (though some would say that she still trusts it far too much). Her extreme suspicion is reserved for those who assist or are aligned with Hell and/or the Masters. Caution evaporates in the presence of trusted people, with whom she becomes very warm and unguarded.

Likes: The Surface, sunlight, natural beauty, family, children, charity, intelligence, kindness, hope, romance, loyalty, music, philosophy, theology, history, literature (both writing and reading), tea, spices, baked goods, chocolate, fruit, elegant clothing, perfume, things related to Persia and Abyssinia.
Dislikes: The Neath (in spite of liking many of its people), the Masters of the Bazaar, God’s Editors, devils, the soulless, bawdiness, gambling, greed, arrogance, dishonesty, hypocrisy, manipulation, prejudice, taking unnecessary risks, preying on vulnerable people, bad smells, damp, swamps, darkness.

Occupation: Author. In spite of appearing in London relatively recently, she has achieved unusually quick success in the publishing world. This is made even more puzzling by the fact that she does not seem to dedicate the majority of her time to writing but to investigating… something. Something very personal.

An image of Miss Bakara, as seen at a musical evening held in the salon of her friend, Mr. Andrew Astherson:

An authoress of Persian and Abyssinian origins, come to London on a personal matter. http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Zareen~Bakara
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Jonathan Galloway
Jonathan Galloway
Posts: 17

John Uflon

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: Around 19-20

Height: Slightly taller than most
Build: Muscular from the days on the zee

Skin color: Pale from no light
Eye color: Dark brown
Hair color: Black
Hair style/quality: Curly, being mixed.
Usual clothing style: A simple suit and top hat, maybe a coat on cold days
Usual demeanor: Warm and enjoyable, but can be scary when he wants.
Voice: High baritone to low trumpet
Other remarkable details: He has a scar from where a maniac cut him, slightly below his eye, crossing his nose. Also, freckles dot around the scar.

Born an orphan, John spent his time in an urchin gang, eventually becoming the leader. One day on a heist for food, he was caught by the Constable and sent for a trial. Since he was under age at the time, he was sent to work at the docks, where he eventually became a zailor. He was 12.

One day, when they were docked at the Shepard Isles, he got caught in a brawl with some Khans. One of the Khans, a drunk old maniac, came at him with a knife and sliced him, starting from below his left and going across his nose, ending at the other eye. This whole incident happened when he was 16.

On his 17th name day, he "retired" from the zee life. He returned to Fallen London and is now getting into a spot of trouble here and there, knocking heads together. He spent a few nights at areas he best avoid, bedded a few women, and spent some nights drunk.

On his 19th name day, he went a pub with a few of his friends, and spent the evening with them. After a few drinks, he spotted him. The Khan that cut him. John, in his drunken state, grab his friends gun and shot the Khan. The next day he was arrested.

(Start of the Game)
edited by John_ on 8/13/2015

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Posts: 31

I am glad folx are doing this!

Jackie Pink

Gender: Whatever it needs to be
Race: Probably human
Age: 28-30

Height: 5'10", not too tall but confidence gives an extra boost
Build: Lean and strong.
Eye color: Bluish-grey, with a bemused gleam.
Hair: Usually shaved to a buzz, but grows in red.
Clothing style: Shabby, loose black pants and a white shirt, covered by a smart overcoat. An old flat cap covers their head, a green heather garment that holds a particular sentiment for the wearer. Boots are remarkably well-polished.
Smell: Vanilla and sassafras, with an undertone of cedar wood. A smell far and away from this life, a smell from another continent...
Other: Has taken to carrying a walking stick. Often accompanied by a marsh-wolf, a timid thing that prefers ear scratches to fights. When deep in thought, Pink's hand often drops to the creature's head.

Voice: Low and rough from too much whiskey and absinthe, but actually somewhat beautiful in song. Whatever time has been spent in the Neath, Pink still can't get rid of that damned American drawl.

Demeanor: Jackie is clever and reserved and a bit melancholy, quiet but quick with a quip when the occasion permits. Their step is soft and ears are open, but can conjure a warm smile when needed. Appears to be heartless and crafty, but has been known to be kind on occasion. You’re most likely to see a smirk on Jackie’s lips. A little romance can always be coaxed out of this fox. Loves a drink but is never drunk, likes to write but hates being called an author, takes tea as black as a devil’s heart.

Occupation: An enquirer - works for a fee, takes cases based on curiosity and self-improvement. Isn’t afraid of dirty hands or a spotted soul.

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    Jackie Pink, the melancholy American. Drop a calling card for menace reduction, social actions, or roleplaying.http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Jackie~Pink
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    James Wentworth
    James Wentworth
    Posts: 4

    James Wentworth
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Height: 5’10”
    Build: Solid, Slender
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Brown, worn long and loose, but always inexplicably tidy
    Dress: Habitually sports a black bowler hat and dark grey overcoat that he purloined during his escape from Newgate Prison, but otherwise dresses as a comfortable gentleman. Always flashy but never tacky, he makes a habit of keeping up with the latest fashions.

    James Wentworth likes to call himself an Adventurer-Poet. A published writer and aspiring journalist, he lives in a rooftop shack above Veilgarden, working on plays and books of all sorts. Though admittedly quite a talented writer, more and more his true passions involve ferreting out secrets of the powerful and solving crimes. When he isn’t out playing detective, he can be found at the Singing Mandrake, cavorting with spies and the other Nocturnals. He is a charming young rake, quick with a joke and always ready to smile. What does the city hold in store for such a man?

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    Aurel Faine
    Aurel Faine
    Posts: 29

    Name- Udorie Aldona Faine (Though she doesn't give out her middle name and goes by Concede.)
    Gender- Female
    Race- Human
    Age-20 or early 20s

    Height- Tall and lanky, not so much it's disproportionate but it's a main trait of her appearance.
    Skin Color- Pale, leaning towards ghastly pale but not quite there.
    Eye color- An unnatural dark green, like the spines on evergreen trees.
    Hair- Her hair is black, she usually wears it in a messy bun and sometimes a high ponytail but almost never wears it out, it has almost no volume to it and is flat, thin, and combed out to the point that there isn't a single knot or tangle left in it.

    Clothing- She is often seen in green dresses but if she isn't wearing that she's wearing dress pants and a dress shirt. She has a fondness for the color green, especially seafoam and dark or swampy green. She always wears a pair of large green goggles that covers most of her face, and she has her reasons for it. They're somewhat along the lines of this; &quotDear, you know eyes give way to the soul and I haven't met anyone I would trust with my soul, perhaps there is no one you can trust with your soul in all of the Neath.&quot However, it doesn't do much to hide the half smile she almost always has on her face. She always has on a pair of shining black shoes, an obvious giveaway to one that she deals in the business of secrets. Then again, people who deal with those kind of things usually know who to go to and who not to go to. She also always wears a trench or lab coat, it's just something she does.

    Character/Personality- Does she have any morals, no. She isn't flirtatious, though she's plenty coy, what I say when I mean she has no morals is that she's bound to sell every shred of information to someone if they name the right price. You have to make a living in the Neath, she does what she has to do. Well, she doesn't really have to, but that's the only way she knows to make a living and she's no urchin on the streets. She can be snarky and sarcastic but never to people looking for business or to someone obviously above her. She tries to be more smooth and toned down with people she knows well or people who it would be wise to become acquainted with. She'll sell anything from little secrets to outrageous lengthy bits of information. Though she earns money other ways, like playing the great game of the Neath or writing. She also enjoys playing detective, and that earns her money. Plus, it makes you look better to the police, wouldn't want to be convicted now would we? She is very social and friendly with friends or people she regularly does business with but it still doesn't change her ultimate personality. She's a complicated person, many people in the Neath are.

    Other details- Her English is very proper and she tends to overuse words such as dear, not that many people in the Neath should really be called dear. It's more of a subconscious thing, she also gestures with her hands more than what is necessary and is very smooth and subtle about what she says and what she doesn't say. The right people will understand, and the wrong people won't.

    Likes- The bazaar and it's exotic goods, books, mysteries, messing around with chemical substances (the goggles and lab coat come in handy), casual talk along with sharing secrets, and poetry.

    Dislikes- Flirtatious people, anyone who deals in the business of selling souls (one of the few things she could never think of selling or owning), and people who think they're better then everyone else.
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    Across the street you can barely make out a woman, she flashes a strange grin at you, her goggles alive in the night.
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    Here comes the edge train, don't cut yourselves!


    Kazimierz Kolanowski
    The Degenerate Cultsman

    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Nationality: Polish
    Age: 36
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 101 kg/~222 lbs.

    Build: Manages to be both fat and muscular, like a Sumo wrestler
    Skin colour: White, rather pale
    Eye colour: Jet black irises, making pupils rather unnervingly invisible
    Hair colour: Jet black
    Accent: heavy Polish, which native Londoners often mistake for Russian

    Other remarkable details: People's hair and eyes are not normally this black!

    Clothing style: Usually seen in a well-maintained suit of some sort, depending on the situation, but always with a preference for dark colours, such as black or dark grey. Never without at least one pocket filled with a hip-flask, and at least one sleeve equipped with a hidden knife sheath.

    Usual demeanour: Mr Kolanowski's Abstraction did not take away much from his true nature. While it is correct that after that unfortunate (or was it?) affair with a deviless, he became a bit more calm and collected when in polite company, that has always been simply a callous façade, even before he traded his soul for earthly delights. In truth, if anything changed, it was for the worse. Although jovial and helpful when there is profit to be made, Kolanowski quickly drops this mask before people and creatures he deems beneath him (that is, almost everyone), uncovering all the layers upon layers of heartlessness, greed, sadistic cruelty and pure, burning hatred for all living things - an insanity which has plagued him since early childhood, for reasons unknown. Kazimierz, however, hides this disgust very well. It is usually too late when his victims find out about his deceitful, degenerate ways.

    Likes: Accumulation of wealth, extreme physical stimuli (both pleasure and pain), good business, forbidden literature, games of deceit, luxury, things occult... and something not wholly defined, that he calls the Maw of Eridanus.
    Dislikes: Clergymen and Constables (at least those that cannot be corrupted), boredom, business competitors, the "filthy lower class".

    Occupation: Officially, respectable businessman. Unofficially: consummate killer, spirifer, thief, demagogue, dealer in things illegal, professional deviant and leader of a small congregation, the "Listeners of the Maw of Eridanus".


    Man, 85% of characters described in this thread would hate mine's guts.

    Kazimierz Kolanowski, gentleman, scholar, humble servant of the Maw. Chaotic Evil. Open to all social actions & accepting almost all requests. Might sell you to Satan for a single corn chip.
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    Emelia Blaire
    Emelia Blaire
    Posts: 20

    This should be fun! Maybe I'll draw them sometime.
    Emilia Blaire
    Gender: Female
    Age: Late teens, and please remember that.
    Height: A tad short I would say, but perhaps that has something to do with age
    Build: Slightly pudgy, with some curves.

    Skin tone: A very slight tan, obviously from heritage rather than sunlight.
    Eye Colour: A most peculiar shade of amber yellow, though it can be hard to tell in the darkness down here.
    Hair Colour: Mousey brown
    Hair Style: Slightly frizzy and straight, though often done up in a braid or bun.
    Face Type: Rounded and soft, with a seemingly permanent look of apathy.

    Usual Clothing style:
    Reserved and quiet. Simple dresses in muted colours, plain blouses. On special occasions, she tends toward lively colours like bright reds or deep purple, occasionally even with some jewellery.

    Usual Demeanor: Like her clothes, she is typically quiet and reserved. This is less from a dislike of people and more because she is almost constantly thinking. Because of this she can seem very cold, but is actually a very kind person. That said, she always seems to be hiding something, and the poor girl has almost constant nightmares of the things she studies and investigates.

    Voice: Level to the point of monotone, unless she's feeling a very intense emotion (rage, terror, etc). She has a very polite and mature way of speaking.

    Other Notable Details: She owns a great many pets, so it isn't uncommon to see her with a couple of them. She is almost never seen without her raven Kerrigan.
    Evelynn Hart
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25.
    Height: On the tall side of average
    Build: Slim, long-limbed, overall elegantly built

    Skin tone:
    Eye Colour: Deep blue
    Hair Colour: Deep Honey blonde
    Hair Style: Natural ringlets, shiny and smooth
    Face Type: Pretty average, but with very high cheek bones

    Usual Clothing style:
    Form flattering dresses in rich colours. She has a very high self image, and wears clothes that reflect it, with deep necklines, prominent corsets, embroidery and fancy laces and silks. Occasionally her clothes border on scandalous, but she likes the attention

    Usual Demeanor: Evelynn is quite conceited and self indulgent. She craves attention, and does rash things just for the response it garners. She's also flirty and will flirt with just about anyone who interests her, and she is most certainly not above faking a relationship to use a person. Above almost anything she values herself and her priorities come before a great many other things in life.

    Voice: In the higher range, but still very pleasant to listen to. It tends to have a slightly sultry hum to it.

    Other Notable Details: N/A

    Emelia Blaire[url], and inescapable, sagacious, terrifying, and lethal lady. An extraordinary mind, accepting proteges.
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    - Female
    - N/A. Date of Birth Unknown. Appears to be in early twenties.
    - 171 cm
    - Petite, and fully matured.
    - Leanly muscled.
    - Fair, with a rosy tint.
    - Grey and unreadable
    - Black, straight, and voluminous.
    - Quite pretty, but prefers to keep parts of it obscured either with her hair, a mask, scarf, or hat.
    - Never touch her face.
    - Haneul wears (or doesn't wear) whatever she wants, whenever she wants.
    - Favorite colors are blacks, whites, golds, silvers, and blues.
    - Behavior will adapt to current situation.
    - A soothing alto. Slightly whispery.

    Notable Details:
    - Haneul hails from the surface, from a country far to the east.
    - She cares for only two things; herself, and her only known relative--a half brother who she loves just a little too much.
    - She loves jewelry, flowers, fish, cats, and anything that sparkles, shines, or glows.
    - She is acrobatic, swift, and stealthy, but lacking in strength which she grudgingly tries to work on.
    - You will know her only as she wants you to know her.

    >>| Haneul |<<
    "The sky has no limit and I am the sky."

    Haneul is open to ALL social interactions and will be generous with her replies.
    Just be certain that YOU will be generous to her as well when the time comes.
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    Lisbella Peridot
    Lisbella Peridot
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    Anatasia Swansong

    Gender: Female
    Age: 20, at the year 1983
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 122 lbs
    Build: Slender, but not bony

    Skin tone: Fair enough to be described as Ivory even in the Neath and make it hard to sneak
    Eye Colour: Amethyst
    Hair Colour: Red
    Hair Style: Messy, and slightly curly

    Usual Clothing style:
    Simple gowns in bold colours that is easy to move in, so she can both fight and blend in with high society. Most often, it will be a expensive gown in the colour of sapphires, from a spontaneous purchase that is a source of much regret. Also thick boots, but she wants more expensive boots.

    Usual Demeanor: Bold, elegant and proud. Will not grin willingly under most circumstances. Rarely smiles, smirks a lot. Prone to holding people at cane-point with her sword cane. Assumes admiration from others are a given. Refuses to speak and sulk on her own if shocked by some terrible secrets.

    Does not falters even when badly wounded, but she cannot tolerate Scandals and Suspicsion and her face will redden significantly. Drools and shakes when insane.

    When flirting, she says little. She closes in with her head and stares.

    Voice: Orotund, loud and clear. Prefers speaking in direct words, although she can minces words if needed. Or speak quietly, for that matter.

    Other Notable Details:
    Is a natural born fencer, and carries a sword-cane accordingly.
    Admires those who out-fence her.
    Have a scar. Hopes to cover it up with cosmetics after consulting with her patrons.
    Cannot do her own laundry, and hires a servant for that.

    Anatasia Swansong - fencing prodigy, extraordinary beauty, and very stubborn
    Welcoming friends of all sorts! All independent now.

    Kelly Siniature - grinning, deranged, elegant child of indistinct gender
    Kelly is taking a long break on isolation.

    I also play Town of Salem and a few other games - still Lisbella Peridot!
    I finally regained stable internet access, so I should be around more often...
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    Ruby Correspondent
    Ruby Correspondent
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    "Roobz" (Addis Rook)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Once human. Now unknown.
    Age: 17-23 range
    Height: 5'10
    Build: Slender, moves with almost-rehearsed grace and silence. Can be slightly unnerving to watch, as though it's too fluid, as though it's reminiscent of something that dances in the deeps of the Zee.

    Skin tone: The usual ivory-white of the Neath, But was always that pale, long before he came to Fallen London.
    Eye Colour: Red. blood red, ruby red. they were originally vibrant green, but a certain... incident that happened to him turned them red. He does not like to talk about it.
    Hair Colour: Vibrant golden brown.
    Hair Style: Sweeping, voluminous and silky lower neck-length hair. bangs ALWAYS conceal his forehead. He gets upset if they don't.
    Face Type: Somewhat childlike, what most would refer to as "cute", people typically think he is younger than he actually is. He doesn't mind, age is of no concern to him as long as he looks young.

    Usual Clothing style:
    Airy, Ethereal clothing in deep, rich colors, usually with a red ribbon featuring somewhere on the outfit. Would be considered borderline feminine, but his natural elegance allows him to pull off the look irreproachably.

    Usual Demeanor: Calm, gentle, kind, slightly melancholy, and always with a look that suggests he knows far more than he lets on. occasionally mischievous and smug, as the whim takes him. Usually comes across as sleepy and absent-minded, gracefully drifting through life.

    To friends: Truly gentle, kind, caring and steadfast to the death. Will consistently offer advice that is well beyond his years. as a friend, "Roobz" is second to none.

    In danger/under severe pressure: Same calm, gentle and kind demeanor, though it is only a facade to cover his annoyance and fear. Take it too far, and that porcelain mask will crack to reveal a lethal rage that even devils have a genuine admiration of.

    Smell: Smells of citrus and jasmine.

    Silky, soft spoken, sweet. He always sounds bemused and nonchalant, like nothing in the world is to be taken seriously.

    Likes: Sapphires, Scintillac, Puzzle Damask, Good novellas, Attending fashionable salons, Making useful friends, Moon pearls, Learning about the Bazaar, Mutton Island.

    Dislikes: Glim, Scandal, Gaudiness, Strange catches, The Church, Spirification.

    HATES: The Isle of Cats. and Gin.

    Other Notable Details: - covers his forehead to conceal a particularly nasty encounter with an "impaired" lamplighter bee on the upper left side of it. When asked about it, more than a hint of rage can be seen in his eyes, though he will often politely evade the question in his usual gentle, silky voice.
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    Roobz (aka Addis Rook) Author, silvertongue, perpetual insomniac.
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    The Black-Shirted Radical
    The Black-Shirted Radical
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    "The Black Shirted Radical"
    That which I cannot win with my voice, cannot be won by mortal man

    Race: Human
    Age: A slightly ambiguous area between 28-32

    Height: Of tall, aristocratic build, often viewed as taller due to his penchant for standing on boxes or being held aloft by his freed clay men bodyguards.
    Build: Quite tall, athletic in build from his murky, vaguely military past. Often leaning back due to his phenomenal arrogance

    Skin color: Pale and thoroughly Anglo-Irish
    Eye color: Blue
    Hair color: A dark black.
    Hair style/quality: Often oiled back sharply but, when a sweat erupts, becomes difficult to manage. Frequently wears a heavy beard.

    Usual clothing style: As in the style of his party the New London League of National Populists, he wears a heavy set of black clothing, namely set of leather shoes and a tall black tunic with a high collar. When not marching or canvassing, he comports himself in a long black overcoat, looking vaguely Semitic in its cut.

    Usual demeanor: Tall and proud, often standing on top of his clay-man sedan chair.

    Voice: When in usual conversation it has a braying, arrogant tone of one who knows a great deal about a great deal and is irritatingly aware of the fact. During one of his famed speeches, his voice rises to near hysteria, accentuating his fierce appearance with its rhetoric.

    Other remarkable details: Despite the unusual state of the chap, the remarkable details are his entourage. Surrounded at all times by a large squadron of tough bodyguards, known as "the Squiddies", both for their inky-black uniforms and their leader's pro-Rubbery Men politics. His approach is often heralded by a tremendous amount of noise, due to the drums and fifes which echo down the street before him,played by his men, and the heavy tramping of his clay men carriers. The Sedan is small and unobtrusive but makes up for that in the banners which usually fly from them.

    edited by The Black-Shirted Radical on 9/3/2015
    edited by The Black-Shirted Radical on 9/3/2015

    Poet of once distinguished acclaim.Apprentice alcoholic. Somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun. Radical politician, playwright, duelist, archaeologist,Correspondence professor,criminal mastermind, Commander of the Auxiliary Constabulary, Leader of the League of National Populists, former Governor of Port Carnelion . Rude, crude and scandalous to know.

    Plot his lynching at http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/The~Black-Shirted~Radical
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    Sestina Valdis
    Sestina Valdis
    Posts: 210

    Sestina Valdis (Ms Sestina Valdis, Mrs Sestina Wong nee Valdis, or, if more intimate, S.V., S.W. or simply Sestina)
    It is unclear whether Sestina is her real name or a nom de plume. Even Ms Valdis herself does not know for certain...

    Gender: Female.
    Race and Bloodline: Human. Her father descends from a line of enterprising merchant-migrants who moved to Britain from somewhere in Eastern Europe when he was a boy, but he (and his daughter) don't particularly know or care where. Her mother is a minor English noblewoman who married into her father's family-- he thought she was pretty, she thought he was handsome, and also they both needed each other's money. Both parents continue to reside on the surface, much to the satisfaction of their daughter...
    Age: Late 20s to early 30s.

    Height: 175cm.

    Build: Quite curvy and reasonably tall. She would be more muscular if she did not spend her days drenched in alcohol and honey-mazed dreams.

    Skin color: Ever so slightly tan; the colour of very, very milky Ceylonese tea. Recently becoming paler due to deprivation of sunlight in the Neath.

    Eye color: Light brown.

    Hair color: Reddish-brown, subdued scarlet, chestnut or burgundy, depending on the light and how liberal one is with their descriptions.

    Hair style/quality: Thick and wavy, but not to the point that it hangs in ringlets. She often favours an understated up-do, to expose her jewels and accessories to the world. No, not in an indelicate way, mind!

    Facial Characteristics: Sharp, angular features counterbalanced by rounded cheeks. High cheekbones and a thin nose. Her eyelids seem almost always half-closed, almost as if she is perpetually disinterested (which is usually not the case) or dreaming of pleasant things (which is usually the case). She typically uses minimal make-up... well, except for 'subtle' shadowing around the eyes and, uh, not-so-subtle cats-eye eyeliner. Glitter only for special occasions, especially after that episode with the scintillack eyeshadow, the vicar, and the candle flame... Her thin, somewhat pale lips produce a smile (or smirk) which somehow manages to appear both gently sardonic and confidently welcoming.

    Usual clothing style: She doesn't exactly have a fixed style of dress, and her taste wildly fluctuates between eccentricity and refined sophistication. Often, it can be something as restrained as a dress in subdued white satin, with only a minimalistic Rostygold bracelet. However, when she is in a 'particular' mood, she generally enjoys stretching the boundaries of contemporary fashion. She was once spotted in a black velvet piece with lime-green phosphorescent beetles all over it (living, of course; she feeds them often). She has stopped wearing this dress to social events ever since that incident with the beetle-eating weasel and the prized jar of fruit preserves imported from the Carnelian Coast. Cross-dressing is also not uncommon, especially when she is out at Zee. Incidentally, both cross-dressing and Zailing are favoured pasttimes and often sources of inspiration for her writing. It is therefore not irregular for her to be dressed in something like a plain white shirt and thick black leather pants. With a necklace of polished Moon pearls tucked into the collar, of course! For good luck, you understand.

    Voice: Measured and level, slightly monotonous but with an enrapturing, almost musical cadence to her sentences that often sustains interest regardless. Emphasis on long, rounded vowels. Her accent is English due to elocution lessons paid for by her mother during S.V.'s youth.

    Usual demeanor: She is often lively, unafraid of expressing her emotions and viewpoints in conversation. Sometimes, she is capricious to the point of being immature, but she is also capable of (what she considers) intelligent-- or at least, informed-- discourse. Frequently eager to share her opinions, and also attempts to cultivate both negative capability and a capacity for listening to others' views (though this does not always play out in the most amicable way possible, despite her best efforts). She enjoys witticisms and wordplay, even in her regular speech, but usually not to the point of biting satire unless she feels strongly about the topic(s) at hand (or unless she is writing; her works are a common target for the Ministry of Public Decency and her scandalous poem, "John Keats's Pony," has even been banned in the Khanate and on the surface). Her prime interests include reading and writing fiction, Zailing and exploring the Neath, as well as some academic pursuits (especially cryptozoology), and she does not think that there is a clear boundary between Natural Philosophy and Art, in any case. There are some rumours that she has been spotted in less savoury areas of London as well, including Wolfstack Docks and The Flit; she welcomes this gossip with open arms. And, oh my, is she hedonistic! Honey, wine, and honeyed words, as well as more... indelicate... matters. But never laudanum, yuck. Still, she has the capacity to restrain herself (albeit with much difficulty) and can prove a steadfast companion. Mostly. Often. Sometimes. Yes.

    She is now happily married, and has thus far managed to restrain her appetite for pleasures of the flesh-- at least within the confines of wedlock. A continued, happy abuse of honey and wine, however, do not conflict with the covenant of sanctity as embodied in the marriage vows, in her opinion.

    She has recently regained her soul. Yes, yes, very joyful, but has it made much of a difference? She cannot exactly tell, but retrieving one's lost belongings is always a cause for celebration, no? Actually, for her, anything is a cause for celebration...

    Writing Style: Language laid bare: clean, unfussy, poetry and prose at their most fundamental and essential. Her frequent use of puns, wry jokes and other forms of linguistic play also seek to destabilise the act of ('serious') writing at its very core. Contradictorily, ornamental turns of phrase are also employed liberally, although this is often for ironic or comic effect. She enjoys topics that are lewd, bawdy, fleshy and deliciously salacious. Despite that, she is also of the view that the author-- and the satirist, in particular-- should always write for the betterment of society, especially those members of society who are marginalised or downtrodden. That said, she seems largely accepting in her views regarding other schools of writing, and reads widely, because she believes that no one authorial style-- and no one author-- should dominate London's literary scene.

    There have been rumours that she is a part of that scandalous group of upstart fungal poets. She does little to quell such rumours. Let the Ministry continue fouling the air with ash. Art in all its forms will keep growing, take root, and never die!
    ((This particular picture of actress Eva Green seems oddly fitting, even if the eye colour is wrong and despite its being anachronistic. Sigh, I wish I could draw!))

    ((Also, here is another version of Sestina, decked out in a neoclassical-type Parabola Linen gown, which I created using a Game of Thrones character creator of all things.))

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    Sestina Valdis, the Saccharine Satirist.
    Appearance and Misc. Accoutrements
    A Past Scattered Across Discarded Stockings

    Fei Xue, the Artful Assassin.

    Edward de Riere, the Barebones Baron.

    Avatar by Daniel Ilinca.
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    The Sociable Academic is a society lady and composer, recently banished from the Empress' Court, who's also amazingly bright and is a respected guest lecturer at the University. (Hey, it's possible. Just look at Natalie Portman.) Despite her now somewhat delicate reputation, she isn't afraid to dabble in more dangerous activities: politics (ha!), gambling, espionage, laudanum, dueling, beast-wrangling, and (very occasionally) larceny. Despite having a reputation as a hedonist due to her love of partying, she doesn't drink much at all, and she only tries honey when she needs inspiration. Laudanum is only for when her nightmares are severe, and even then only once every week or so.
    She's often accompanied by her pet white raven, Branwen, though she also owns a monkey (who, as it turns out, can play cards).

    And here's some art of her: http://imgur.com/a/dN5YB

    The Sociable Academic/KestrelGirl, an inescapable, sagacious, irresistible and breathtaking Lady of Some Importance. (Also add: terrifying, lethal, and perhaps midnight.)
    Proud owner of the Neathy Informer, a newspaper dedicated to the truth.
    Help me out with my FL/SS lore wiki, The Fifth City! http://www.thefifthcity.wikia.com
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