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Race: Human
Age: 20

Height: 155 cm
Build: Matronly, the type that a child (or a lover) could snugly embrace, and robust, the type that can single-handedly eliminate a horde of angry Constables.

Skin color: Medium olive
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Black
Hair style/quality: Waist-length and wavy, worn undone/braided/swept in an updo, whatever the occasion calls for.

Usual clothing style: Comfortable dresses in deep jewel colors. Whenever she feels homesick, a simple kutubaru kebaya and a sarung of intricately patterned chintz. Doesn't like wearing corsets, but for parties she would tightly wrap her waist in a lengthy scarf over her chemise.

Usual demeanor: Rambunctious, with a contagious optimism. Loud, brash and unashamedly flirtatious, even when her grammar fails to catch up. Gets very angry very easily whenever she sees injustice or suffering.

Voice: Sweet, deep and sticky, not unlike honey. Stopped pretending an English accent long ago, now unashamedly comfortable in her percussive Southeast Asian accent.

Other remarkable details: Persistent eyebags. People quietly assumed her as one of those honey-sippers. To tell the truth, she just doesn't consider sleep important. Especially when one is an occasional lover of the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer and Feducci, and a full-time caretaker of her adopted Winsome Orphan, Severin, as well as Hector, the Nadir-shocked Firebrand.




Aristophanes Quartermaine

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: Late 40s

Height: 187 cm
Build: Slender, with a minimum "dad bod"-ness thanks to years of eschewing the S-Bahn for cycling through the Berlin commute.

Skin color: Dark olive, with a smattering of diminishing freckles.
Eye color: Clear green, often glowing viric when he's dream-walking.
Hair color: Brown. Just... brown. Not exactly dark, not really light either.
Hair style/quality: Chin-length curls.

Usual clothing style: When venturing outside the house; fitted midnight-blue frock coat, tasselled cane, stovepipe hat, and painstakingly-polished shoes. When inside the house; hoodies and boxers. In Parabola, he became as a Byzantine emperor. What a huge history nerd. He even brought his books with him to the Neath, much to his daughters' chagrin. ("We could have used that space for more clean underwear!")

Usual demeanor: Spends a good portion of his days in Parabola. Has an air of easy elegance around him, easily weaving in and out of Society circles. Yet he does not possess the arrogance expected from his cultivation - in his waking nights, he would either walk to the Docks or to the Clay Quarters, listening to the downtrodden.

Voice: Deep yet soft, almost melodious. Never raises his voice. Impeccably British.

Other remarkable details: Once visited Dr. Schlomo early on to help him make sense of the Parabola, ended up refuting ALL his theories through Lacanian psychoanalysis and Baudrillard's simulacrum theory. The Viennese alienist ran out crying. During Aristophanes' Parabola stroll that night, a smiling old man in brass jewellery and once-white linen approached him by a drowned forest.


Prometheus Quartermaine

Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 18

Height: 172 cm
Build: Sturdy from regular sparring, chubby from always being the fastest to the dining table.

Skin color:
Very pale, with a smattering of diminishing freckles.
Eye color: Clear green, mostly avoids eye contact.
Hair color: Strawberry blonde.
Hair style/quality: Silky straight, waist-long. Always worn long, sometimes tied to a ponytail.

Usual clothing style: Opera cloak worn over plaid flannels, sweaters, or plain black t-shirts. Docmarts. Hooked cane, in case of fights. Always black, sometimes green or blue.

Usual demeanor: Rowdy and intense, often found organizing in the docks or clashing with neddy men. Somehow, after her involvement in the unions a lot of those neddy men turned around and joined them. Rumormongers painted her as a mighty seductress, to which she replied "not even the thiccest[sic] ass could stand a chance with good agitprop."

Voice: Too high-pitched for her liking, tries to make it sound deeper during conversations. Chirpy laughter. Still remembers the British accent, but under pressure (or alcohol) she yields to the more familiar German.

Other remarkable details: The portal was her idea. Wanted to help with her sister's history assignment. Due to a miscalculation they arrived at a different universe through the Nadir, to the spectacle of Sekar intervening the lovebirds' quarrel. Found employment immediately under April, now scrambling to find a way to go home.


Grainne Quartermaine

Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 12

Height: 145 cm
Build: Slender from intensive theatre study, also from never being the fastest to the dining table.

Skin color: Medium olive, with a smattering of diminishing freckles.
Eye color: Hazel, with lush eyelashes.
Hair color: Brown. Dark brown.
Hair style/quality: Curly wilderness down to her back. Either left loose or worn in a braided bun.

Usual clothing style: An array of sleeveless tunics, flowing skirts and crop tops, covered with a trench coat or pashmina. Mostly barefoot for better energy sensitivity.

Usual demeanor: During the false-day, she's usually painting, writing short stories, or studying the Neathbow alchemy at their cramped room, avoiding being scooped by the Constables for not being at school. During the false-night, she spins threads of cosmogone and viric radiated by her dream-walking father. Sometimes she comes to the roof, giving lessons to the urchins in exchange for Correspondence tutelage, scribbled in viric ink to pacify the flames.

Voice: Unassuming and light, but can be played to elicit various effects, ranging from mollifying coos to thunderous roars. Distinctly German, but can switch to a passable British accent.

Other remarkable details: An energy witch, she is profoundly attuned to the powers unique to the Neath. Although this proves most beneficial to her creative and scientific endeavors, the things that crept into her dreams are beyond horror. Even by Neath standards. Eschewing their father's protests, she had to rely on laudanum brought daily by her sister to sleep well.

edited by sekar on 8/30/2017


Sekar, a Rambunctious Socialist with an unhealthy inclination towards a particularly combustible language.

Other characters:

The Reluctant Oneironaut : Spends the better part of his days sleeping while his daughters study him in his dreaming-state.
The Uproarious Mechanic : A new challenger to the drinking champions of the Blind Helmsman.
The Eloquent Chromatomancer : Young enough to be an urchin, yet too clean to pass as one.
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Lady Jen Black
Lady Jen Black
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Lady Jen Black

Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: Early 20s

Height: 5'7" (170cm)
Build: Lean and toned, the slender build typical of gymnasts. Didn't get enough to eat in her youth.

Skin color: Bronze, suggesting her partial Indian ancestry
Eye color: A bright emerald green
Hair color: Black
Hair style/quality: Slightly wavy, medium-length. Usually ties it up in a ponytail with side-swept bangs, but leaves it down when in society.

Usual clothing style: Typically wears a fitted dark shirt and trousers with a white cravat and a dark green coat with silver embroidery. Changes to her Strange-Shore Parabola Frock when in the salons of society, or to impress academics in the University (or she will, once she gets there).
Usual demeanor: Has impeccable poise and grace. Stalks around with hunter in every line of her posture. A critical gaze in her sharp eyes. Enters a room and immediately analyses the best path to the exits. Talks to a person and simultaneously thinks about how to take them down or manipulate them. Charming but intimidating.

Voice: Alto, steely and snarky at the same time.

Other remarkable details: A scar across the bridge of her nose. That's the only visible one, at least.
edited by Lady Jen Black on 12/22/2017

Lady Jen Black - Appearance - Backstory - MBTI - Song - Portrait - RP Directory
Accepting calling cards!
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Lady Karnstein
Lady Karnstein
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Lady Caroline Karnstein

Gender: Female
Race: Human?
Age: 20s

Height: 5'4, seeming smaller when not speaking, but seems much larger when she has the floor
Build: Medium Build

Skin color: Milky white, almost consumptive
Eye color: Piercing green, dark and sunken around
Hair color: Black
Hair style/quality: Thick hair, usually kept down over shoulders, or in very simple arrangements.

Usual clothing style: Caroline is given to long dresses in Society, usually dark colors Black and purples. Often with gold accessories, jewelry or fans, almost faintly suggestive of a bee. This is accentuated among more bohemian crowds; Black with occasional yellow highlights, or deep and flowing purples. Once in a blue moon intense black and red. Jewels are often green to match her eyes.

Usual demeanor: When it is not her turn to speak, Caroline is very quiet. She watches, constantly, studying whomever is speaking. She drifts like a ghost silently in her dresses, seldom still for long. But she makes little sound when she moves. When she has the spotlight, she is vibrant, charismatic, easily sweeping her audience in with her low voice and purred words. Many would follow her into Hell. When one is alone with her, she is said to be irresistible and predatory, but those are rumors.

Voice: Low sultry voice, accent is a medley of English, French, German and some Slavic elements making it very difficult to tell where she is originally from. This is all mixed and seasoned with a Dietrich purr.

Other remarkable details:
Quick to talk of art and poetry, she seems fascinated by what other people see as art. Often hints of particularly decadent goings on, but apparently indulges in them with select people. She almost seems to be looking for something or someone. Her jewelry often contains symbolism associated with the Nocturnals movement, and she almost always wears something with a labrys somewhere. Known for the London Labrys, her Salon, and the newspaper of the same name.
edited by Lady Karnstein on 12/5/2017

Lady Caroline Karnstein, The Moral Hedonist (Description)
Infamous writer, artist, and courtesan. Unrepentant Invert. Hesperidean.
Paramount Presence, Correspondent, Nocturnal. Poet Laureate of the Neath, Ambassador to Arbor
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Patrick Li
Patrick Li
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Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 30s

Height: 5'5" (165 cm)
Build: Small and slender, perfectly suitable for getting around unseen

Skin color: Slight brown, but tinged with a forgetful, disturbing purple...
Eye color: Brown and perceptive
Hair Color: Dark black
Hair style: Usually shaved, but more prominent near the front of the head

Usual clothing style(s): Patrick tends to stick with more ordinary clothing so as to not attract attention. He dislikes the baroque gowns and suits of society.

Usual mood/personality: Patrick is soft-spoken and polite, not attracting attention to himself. He is affable and friendly and politely greets friends and acquaintances. He's quite charismatic and used to be a member of the Empress' Court. However under this facade is a cold, heartless, and ruthless person with his own agendas and goals. He's a clever and subtle character who's a master of the Game and has perpetrated numerous acts of deceit and subterfuge. He won't hesitate in betraying or committing dark deeds for his masters. He's clawed his way up and always thinks carefully before choosing sides. He's a slick bastard, this one.

Voice: Soft, slightly accented with a trace of Asian

Qualities: His scars are inside him, not outside.

Trying to find a Midnighter for your Orphanage? Contact me!

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Hubris Glamore
Hubris Glamore
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Just realised I hadn't done one of these yet.

Hubris Glamore

Gender: Male

Height: 1.90m

Race: Human

Age: Late 30s

Build: Lithe, with the suggestion of a more athletic build in the past.

Skin colour: Caucasian, slightly pale.

Eye Colour: Greenish grey.

Hair Colour: Black, with the salt and pepper effect of emergent grey just above the ears.

Hair Style/Quality: Almost always neatly combed back. He also has a short, neatly trimmed mustache and short beard.

Usual Clothing Style: Tidy suits, often in unobtrusive and forgettable colours outside of special occasions, as befits his background as a former butler and diplomatic aide. Usually complimented with gloves, a necktie, and a top hat.

Usual Demeanor: Polite and discreet in most scenarios, may deviate to viciously polite and direct towards individuals showing unnecessary contempt or posing direct threats. In one on one conversation some of the discretion may be dialed back to speak frankly. Puts great stock in keeping his word and has low views of breaking ones word for anything other than a very good reason.

Voice: Speaks with a calm, measured cadence, with a notable swiss accent, although elements of having picked up something of the local flavour is detectable when slang terms and phrases are being spoken.

Other remarkable details: Has spent several years trading on his past as a butler and diplomatic aide as a "Solutions Consultant" of an ambiguous nature, maintaining a (for the location at least) a discreet office at the Bazaar marked "Silk Solutions-Smoothing Over Life's Little Problems."

Hubris Glamore is an ambitious gentleman with entirely more schemes than is healthy.

Happy to entertain all manner of interactions and has a fondness for roleplaying.

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Cosmo Beck
Cosmo Beck
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Cosmo (more properly known as Evelyn Beck)
Gender: Ambiguous
Age: Early 40s
Race: Human
Height: 1.75 or thereabouts
Build: Slight. The shape of the body is usually hidden by clothes
Skin Colour: Pale, the type that burns but never tans
Hair: Shoulder length white-blond. Sometimes tied in a loose bun with string or ribbon. Starting to grey, ever so slightly.
Eyes: hard and grey. Cosmo doesn't usually make eye contact, but when they do, their companion will find themselves on the end of a perceptive stare
Usual clothing: most comfortable in academic gowns and will usually wear them in society. Otherwise, suits and crumpled shirts. Usually has an unkempt appearance and always wears subdued colours. Wears reading glasses with simple, round wire frames
Demeanour: polite in normal conversation, but when arguing (whether out of real animosity, civil disagreement, or for fun) can take on a harsh edge. Usually appears fatigued or withdrawn, as if concerned. Relaxed and not easily shocked or offended, but given to amusement. Enjoys sharing knowledge and, thus, inclined to start giving friendly lectures or discussing theory, both philosophical and political.
Voice: damnably English. Quiet, calm, but can pick up pace when thoughts run away. Sometimes infused with exasperated chuckles, usually directed at themselves.
Other remarkable details: Aquiline facial features made all the more distinctive by a deficit of eyebrows.

edited by The Cosmopolitan on 11/12/2017
edited by Cosmo Beck on 11/17/2018

Available for mutually beneficial SAs and RP.

Professor Evelyn 'Cosmo' Beck-Scholar of diverse interests. And dubious means.
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Anactoria St James
Anactoria St James
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Anactoria St James

Race: Human
Age: ~18

Height: 5’6”
Build: Mesomorph

Skin color: Pale but with a hint of olive.
Eye color: Ebony
Hair color: Dark chocolate
Hair style/quality: Thick, full, slightly wavy; often somewhat disheveled; most often worn in a casual ponytail.

Usual clothing style: Simple and functional, her clothing is a bit worn but it is well cared for. Commonly, Anactoria wears something akin to a riding habit or dark grey. Currently, the number of items in her wardrobe is quite limited.

Usual demeanor: In public, Anactoria is serious, terse, and hard-edged. New to London and intimidated by the place and its denizens, she weaves this protective façade to cover her insecurity and inexperience. Privately, although shy, she laughs and giggles easily and talks rather faster than her mind can frame her thoughts. Below it all, however, an iron core of determination and fierceness lies within her.

Voice: Bright and clear with a accent from northern England.

Other remarkable details:
Anactoria is possessed of an extraordinarily cute visage (even when angry), an easy kinesthetic grace, and too much kindness, perhaps, for the Neath.

Roleplaying social actions are welcomed.
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I am close to finishing a portrait of my character Yoannete:

Yoannete – just an author living with way too many animal companions (portrait!)
They/them pronouns for both character and me.
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Llywellyn Jones

Gender: Male that accidentally marked "rubbery/undetermined" on the census papers.
Race: Human
Age: 23

Height: Average
Build: Slender and rather frail-looking

Skin color: Pale
Eye color: Greyish blue
Hair color: Reddish-brown
Hair style/quality: Messy, moderately long. Meticulously shaven face.

Usual clothing style: As elegant as he can be when living on single-digit pence most of the time.

Usual demeanor: Sly, positive and only slightly neurotic when finding himself in near-death (or most of the time just death) situations.

Voice: A bit too loud for its own good. Rather good for singing or convincing others of doing doubtfully legal stuff for him
Other remarkable details: Knows a fair deal about the Zee, mostly through other people.

The witty Welshman (main)
The frightening Frenchwoman
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The Elfin Cannibal

Gender: Probably female, but will never say for sure.
Race: Sie claims to be of the Fair Folk. Probably best not to ask more.
Age: Somewhere in hir twenties?
Height: Tall-ish
Build: Willowy
Skin: Fair
Eyes: Peligin
Hair: Gant. Darker than darkness, long, messy, appears on closer inspection to have seaweed stuck in it.
Voice: If a trickling stream or a lapping lake had a voice, it would be hirs. In anger it becomes a waterfall's roar.
Clothing style: Finest spidersilk and a Judgemental Hat sie swears was made just for hir.
Demeanor and opinions: Curious and friendly, but that smile has teeth. Knows things sie has no business knowing. Flirts with Seeking on a regular basis. (Or possibly sie just likes to eat people, it's hard to say.) Feels sorry for a few of the Masters, but still sides with Him in the Well. Resents the stars. Has a Boneless Consort as an act of rebellion and mercy.
edited by GuesssWho on 2/13/2018

DO you recall how the Hunger began?
I'm sorry, my darling, I don't think I can!
OUT past the High Wilderness and beyond
I fear I've gone Seeking, for of Him I'm fond.
--The Elfin Cannibal

Seven scars, seven chains, a soul too stained for Hell, and seven sainted candles burning at the well.

Gone to Grieve on the 17th day of the 7th month, 1897. Will be Vake-hunting next.
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Kyle Farthington
Kyle Farthington
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Kyle Farthington, Investigator and Purveyor of Minor Secrets

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: A respectable thirty-one years of age.

Height: Shorter than one would expect, yet it suits him well.
Build: Bookish. He looks more like a professor, than an investigator.

Skin Color: Pale, as most in the Neath.
Eye Color: Blue, like bits of surface glass.
Hair: Short and utilitarian, it is usually not an issue.

Clothing Style: Absolutely unremarkable and respectable suits.
Demeanor: Quiet and reserved, yet utterly dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and truth.

Voice: Soft and bookish. One would forget his voice if he weren't talking to you.

Tell me a story of dark cities and seas sunless.

Kyle Farthington, Inquisitive Extraordinaire

Victoria Thompson, Heartless Vagabond
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Mel Lawrence
Mel Lawrence
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Dr. Mel Lawrence
The Gentleman Scientist

"Is it... supposed to turn that color?"

Gender: Female, though she largely presents as male
Race: Human
Age: 29, or thereabouts. Because of her masculine garb she often gets mistaken for a man of 25 or younger, considering her lack of facial hair or strong musculature.

Height: 182 cm (6’)
Build: Tall and thin, as if she were stretched out like taffy sometime in the past and never quite snapped back. Her tendencies to go days without eating, absorbed in an experiment or conundrum, contribute to her emaciated appearance. She often wears shoulder pads and bandages around her chest to disguise her more feminine attributes.

Skin color: As pale as the grave, made almost translucent from so long belowground. The skin on her hands is burned by chemicals and sunlight. Sunlight? All the way down here?
Eye color: Striking green, with deep, sleepless shadows beneath them.
Hair color: A brown so dark it looks black.
Hair style/quality: Thick, straight, and parted on the left, kept masculine and short by her own careful scissors. Often in disarray or perpetually combed to one side from her anxious fingers toying with it during some late-night scientific vigil.

Usual clothing style: Mel can often be found in the garb of a slightly old-fashioned French gentleman- a red double-breasted waistcoat, brown trousers, and a cream button-down rolled up to the elbows. Her cravat is usually scorched or smells distinctly of chemicals, and she often has a bloodstained bandage wrapped around some part of her person from one scientific accident or another. She also enjoys sharp suits in outlandish colors- burgundy being her favorite- and carries a carpetbag with her medical supplies. When she's performing 'Feats of Science!!' in Mahogany Hall, she chooses an impractically large white coat with scorched sleeves, and her green-lensed eye protection gives her the appearance of a crazed insect. A zailor you met at the Singing Mandrake said he saw her in a dress once, but you haven't seen hide nor hair of him since.

Usual demeanor: Cheerful, charming, and polite, but with a distinct self-destructive streak and an insatiable curiosity that often puts her at odds with conventional society. She'll talk your ear off about her research any day of the week, but there's a sense of anxious, manic instability to her intense gaze, her fidgeting hands, her half-comprehensible monologues full of words like 'dephligosticated gas' and 'bathynautic spheres.' Her constant motion and preternatural energy always seem to be on the cusp of wasting her slim frame away like a sliver of wood heated by a magnifying glass. At parties, she comes across as witty and intelligent, though she can be a bit too honest when drunk- which, let's face it, is more often than is strictly healthy.

Voice: Her accent is interesting, reminiscent of East London before the Fall, but heavily repressed by high-class Received Pronunciation. For those meeting her for the first time, the highness of her voice is often the first clue that she isn't a gentleman, as it's one aspect of herself she chooses not to disguise. After all, she talks so much it would be a near-impossible task to check every word she says for the correct pitch!

Other remarkable details:
Mel doesn't actually use male pronouns or pretend to be a man anymore. She spent a long time in disguise on the Surface in order to attend University and grew comfortable with a more masculine gender presentation. However, since coming to the Neath and discovering the freedom of moralities that the dark permits, she's been gradually readjusting to being more honest about her gender. This transition displays itself in the peculiarities of her language- for instance, she would refer to herself as a "Gentleman Scientist" and not a "Lady Scientist." Still, she probably won't tell you that she's female- she just wouldn't lie to you if you asked.

The skin beneath her button-down is crisscrossed by scars- not the scars you would associate with a gentleman scientist, but knife marks, hook gouges, rope burns. A sailor's scars, each treated as carefully as possible so they only show as fine, white lines across her torso. There are even remnants of sea-trained muscle, made soft and blurred by years of alcoholism and poor eating habits.

There's a small scar through her right eyebrow. Don't ask her about it, but perhaps with a few glasses of wine and a great deal of convincing, she'll tell you of her own accord why she is afraid of the smell of cedar and earth.
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"You may not know who I am, but you're going to."
Currently open for all social actions:
Mel Lawrence, a doctor and scientist with a strong hedonistic and independent streak. Her eccentricities and insanities are tolerated in high society only because of the novelty of her ideas.
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Gerhardt von Scanhorst
Gerhardt von Scanhorst
Posts: 7


(Picture courtesy of my fine friend Carl Shurz, 13th United States Secretary of the Interior)

Count Gerhardt von Scanhorst

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: Mid-40s

Height: Average
Build: Slightly overweight.

Skin color: Pale
Eye color: Grey/blue
Hair color: Brown
Hair style/quality: Wavy, brushed back. Thick beard.

Usual clothing style: Penchant for elegant suits but will dress appropriately for the occasion.

Usual demeanor: Though in a constant state of genial befuddlement, he nevertheless approaches the world with near endless enthusiasm and curiousity. It rarely fails to get him into trouble.

Voice: Heavy German accent

Other remarkable details: -

Ostensibly, and perhaps otherwise, a decorous gentleman with lavish tastes and nary a perfidious bone in his body. Thick of facial hair and equally thick of accent, he can be found at all manner of high society events but is not above hiking up his immaculate britches and wading through the muck. That is, as long as there is a decent story in it.
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Posts: 339

Bishop Winthrop Waters
Gender: Male
Race: 90% Human 5% Clay Man 5%Other
Age: 24ish He looks younger then he actually is

Height: 5' 10&quot

Build: Average, but tends towards thin due to forgetting to eat due to his missionary work and investigations. It's hard to have an appetite after all he's seen in the Neath.

Skin Color: White, but the lack of light has lead him to looking pale. Dark circles are present under his eyes from not enough sleep.
Eye Color: Blue like surface seas. Kind, but filled with a deep sadness and loss. His irises have the ragged edges of one who has studied the Correspondence. His left eye seems off due to an incident with sorrow spiders. Both eyes now seem to an unnatural light in their depths.
Hair Color: Dark Brown, but with lighter brown and red mixed in.

Hair Style/Quality: His hair is longer and messy, but he keeps it as clean as he can. Though he'd never admit it, he is vain about caring for it. Normally clean shaven, but when he doesn't keep it shaved, it is surprisingly red.

Clothing Style: Willing to wear whatever he needs to in his missionary work to put those he is speaking with most at ease. If he is just wondering around London without a goal in mind, he dresses slightly formal. He wears various knickknacks his missionary work among the Urchins, Tomb-Colonists, and other members of London life. No matter what he's wearing, he always has his clerical collar on.

Usual Demeanor: Kind, out going, and very friendly. He is willing to strike up conversation with anyone on just about any topic. The more exciting he finds the topic the faster he talks. He also tends to have the same problem as he tries to teach others about religion and the sciences. He is normally jolly when around others or out in public. If he thinks no one is watching, or has had too much to drink, he lets the deep sorrow and grief he hides show. He drinks more then he should as a man of the cloth, but the grief he hides drives him to it. He believes that all are worthy of salvation. Except for the killer of his twin brother. They will have no mercy from him. After a run in with a special fungus, he has random moments where he seems lost in time. When he comes to, he claims to be struck by the beauty of life.

Voice: His accent is foreign. American in origin, but his time in Fallen London has changed it to something else entirely. It had hints of more scholastic nature due to all his studies before and after coming to Fallen London.

Other Remarkable Details: His left arm up to just below his shoulder is made of clay. The bishop still regrets the betrayal he had to do to get it, but it's for a greater cause. and refuses to hide no matter the company he is in. He has a tattoo of the Correspondence on this right wrist, and further up his arm he has a tattoo of Fluke Street on his bicep. He has a number of scars across his chest and stomach from the rough times at the start of his visit. He has a bite scar from the Eater-of-Chains on his neck. He visited the Boatman cause of that one. His right had is his preferred one, but he has taught himself how to use his left hand almost as well as his right one.
edited by Winthropx on 10/30/2019

Bishop Winthrop, a kind-hearted soul
A Paramount Presence
I accept all social actions
His Appearance
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The Mysterious Revenant

Name: ???
Gender: Male
Height: average
Age: Adult/Young-Adult

Hair: Dark Brown. Messy but seems to take care of it.
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: A Drownie would look more tanned, he don't spend more times in light even when he was in the Surface. Glabrous and shaven Face.
Build: very slender, He was cut in a match as his mother said.

Clothing style: Always dress thickly, as if a downpour is near. On the other hand In social event, he always dress with the best he could afford. He always keep weapons on him.

Usual demeanor: In two shades, cold and remote in nature but surprisingly amiable and helpful at times. Nevertheless, his relatives note a lack of morale in his action, this could explain his spontaneous goodness. He always dodges questions about his life or invents one for the occasion.

Voice: a very VERY french Accent. Each word is chosen carefully with an obsession with the sonority of the phrase.

Detail: He is Left-Handed and curious. He is fascinated whith dreams.

Ps : Sorry if I make mistakes, I still have trouble writing in English. :p

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Osborn Draiss
Osborn Draiss
Posts: 16

Name: Osborn Draiss
Gender: Male
Height: Short. Very short. Like 4'6" short (sorry, 137 cm)

Hair: Dirty Blond. Short. Nothing special
Eye Color: Gray. Gleam with intelligence
Skin Color: Pale.
Build: Thin. Even for a person as short as he is. His cheeks are gaunt.

Clothing Style: Subdued and uninteresting, except for how dirty everything is. It appears that whatever he's wearing, he's wore the same clothes for days, which probably because he has. Even when dressing formally, all of his clothes are wrinkled and messy. Typically wears a long black trench coat, which is clearly too large for him. It has clearly been cut off at the bottom rather raggedly to prevent him from tripping, along with the sleeves. He seems to sink into his coat, making him seem even smaller than he actually is.

Usual Demeanor: He is rather greedy and selfish. Will never turn down money, no matter what the source. Is an absolute coward through and through, and only enough money will entice him to risk his life. Despite this, however, he has managed to perfect acting charming and compassionate, so much so, in fact, that the act is starting to seep into his actual personality, and make him, on rare occasions, act generously.

Voice: His natural voice is a heavy Irish accent, but tends to put on a generic Londoner accent when actually talking to people. His voice sounds slightly higher and a bit boyish for someone his age.

Other Remarkable Details: Loves Fallen London. After all, you can't die here, so the surface dwellers can rot for all he cares. Has a long scar across his back from where one of the people he betrayed actually tried to backstab him.

Osborn Draiss, a bumbling idiot who doesn't know what he's doing.

If you, for some unknowable reason, want to contact me, you can find me at https://www.fallenlondon.com/profile/Osborn%20Draiss. I am always interested in new friends.
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Name: Mizri von Nanech
Gender: Female
Height: Altogether far too tall (190 cm)
Age: 27

Hair: Long, flowing, dark. Hard to tell if it's brown or black; she certainly couldn't tell you.
Eye color: Blue-grey
Skin color: Pale white
Build: Very thin, despite some of her excesses

Clothing style: She wears a steel top-hat, and a rat-skin ensemble. It's expensive, but comfortable. She always keeps a pistol up her sleeve, and her gloves are always reinforced with steel; she hates being undefended.

Usual Demeanor: Generally jocular and happy. Surprisingly so for a murderer and aspiring Licentiate; she takes very little seriously. She's always got a smile on her face, even while murdering someone or dying herself. She's also brave and extraordinarily loyal to her friends, which would probably be more admirable if the people she considered her friends weren't all criminals or zee-smugglers.

Voice: Smirking, mid-range. She has a rather thick London estuary accent that she works very hard to drop at parties. She's not very good at it though, so she often comes off as a lower-class brute. That impression works very well for her in her work, though.

Other Remarkable Traits: Her best friend is a zee-captain named Anduvai Waters, with whom she grew up. Generally, if she mentions anything about her past, it will involve her. She's got a scar across her cheek from a tipsy duel with the aforementioned zee-captain.
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Maria Schmidt, alias the Conversational Assassin - https://www.fallenlondon.com/profile/Maria%20Schmidt
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Arsene Lupin ll: The Gentleman Thief
Arsene Lupin ll: The Gentleman Thief
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Name: Arsene Lupin ll
Gender: A gentleman
Height: 5' 11''
Age: 25

Hair: Short and black
Eye Color: Black
Skin Color: Pale white
Build: Thin, but wiry

Style: Dark, inconspicuous, practical clothing for thief work. Always wears an unobtrusive bowler hat.

Demeanor: A gentleman thief, always unfailingly polite and courteous. Loyal to friends and allies, but quick to remind rivals why he rules the shadows. He is a thief for the thrill, not for the money. He has a distaste for violence and killing, always searching for a nonviolent approach. He also is a cat lover. A bit of a hedonist, but working on that unfortunate habit.

Voice: Normal London accent, but with a faint French tinge.

Other Traits: Has a soft spot for Blemmigans

After that unfortunate incident at the carnival, I have sworn off the spiced wine for a bit. You don't want to know what happened....
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I made a reference sheet for my character a while back, which was really fun to draw?

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Clem Larch, A Novice Strategian
Open to social requests and roleplaying!
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Drawing I made of my main character, Lacri, a looong time ago! Back when I first started playing, a year ago smile

Demeanor: Soft-spoken and sweet. Which heavily contrast with her occultist side and very... ah, peculiar company and interests. She's still pretty friendly if loopy and is approachable.

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Open to roleplay and most social actions - please avoid most harmful interactions unless states otherwise.

The Ethereal Versifier

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