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A game of survival, trade and exploration in the universe of Fallen London

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1: Kill a lifeberg for the Zee-story.
2: Take the zee-story in to the Whither for Salt's Favor (or is it Salt's Attention? either way..)
3: Go to the Salt Lions while "Something Awaits You" and do the Salt's Favor questline thing. Achieve a Searing Enigma. Buy Sphinxstone.
4: Back to london to drop off the Sphinxstone and Searing Enigma for 1,300 echoes (1,500 but -200 for buying the Sphinxstone in the first place.)
5: Rinse, Repeat, buy large ship, explore with ease.

I just started playing this as it went on sale on Steam the other day, I "discovered" this exploit / route / whatever on only my second character. I'm a little annoyed that it was so easy to find a route like this because it kind of turned the game into a field of daisies, when the difficulty is what drew me in at first.
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lady ciel
lady ciel
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I expect it depends on where the Salt Lions are in relation to Whither and London, for my current game it wouldn't be an easy grind or one I really feel like exploiting.

Personally I use the god's attention on the A Vista storylet as Salt gives +2 pages and mirrors and Storm +2 veils and iron. I would rather have the stat increase than the money, as it makes it easier to pass challenges and get a good reward.


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