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Alexis Kennedy
Alexis Kennedy
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We encourage guidance - we discourage spoilers.

Guidance is advice that will help people have more fun, avoid getting locked out of content, pick the paths they like, and spend Nex on unlocks they'll prefer. Examples of guidance:

  • "Think about who had something to gain from the murder."
  • "Don't pass through the Bronze Gate until you're ready to finish the story - there's no going back."
  • "The Crabwise Notary is a great way to spend 20 Fate if you really hate crustaceans - if you like crustaceans, I wouldn't touch it.
Spoilers are text dumps, copy/pastes, or information about outcomes that short-circuits the story. Examples of spoilers:
  • "The butler did it."
  • "There's a story event called the Bronze Gate just before the end, where the Duke's men ambush you and take the ring back."
  • "Here's the text from the Crabwise Notary ending - check out the stuff about lobsters! [copy/paste]

Guidance, including guidance about Fate-locked content, is fine. Spoilers are discouraged - if you must use them, hide them behind spoiler tags. This goes double for Fate-locked content - and please don't screen-dump or copy-paste Fate-locked content at all.

Thanks for reading!

[updated 25-06-2015]
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