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A game of survival, trade and exploration in the universe of Fallen London

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Hello hello,

Really enjoying what I've played thus far - the Steel update has taken this game to a higher level of polish for me, and has moved SS from "occasional enjoyable timefiller" to "outright obsession". The game has sparked ideas in my head - I hope you take my sharing these as evidence of my enthusiasm rather than petulant demands wink

Something that has struck me that should be (relatively) easy to implement at some point is a journey chronicle. What do I mean by such high-falutin' phrases?

We're all familiar with those maps you see of the journeys of Columbus/Raleigh/any explorer ever. They have coloured lines that show where they started, where they went, and their route home. They tell a narrative of increasing exploration.

It'd be fascinating to incorporate this within SS. Every time you return to London, a map is added to your journal of the latest journey you took. These maps can be named ("The Smuggled Souls Run", "In Search Of The Avid Horizon") etc etc, and can be perused over to remind you of your character's journey. I find myself doing this mentally every time I return to port.

All this is flavour material, obviously, but could have mechanical implications. Maps of journeys could be handed down with your will, imparting some benefit. You could also incorporate numbers along the journey line indicating when a new barrel of fuel is loaded, allowing the seasoned explorer to have an accurate assessment of fuel usage. Doing it in this way would, in my mind, provide the zeesoned zailor with a way of capitalising on their experience without removing the trial and error that is a fundamental part of the early game.

Regardless, I know the development map for features is well plotted by now. I look forwards to seeing what's coming next, and am incredibly pleased to be a part of this early phase.

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SouthSea Rutherby
SouthSea Rutherby
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  • Such a cordial post of admiration... we fans love to discuss these ideas, so it's always appreciated to see them presented like this...
  • I would point out that this idea may not be nearly as easy to program as it sounds, since it literally would be tracking your every movement on a reshuffled map. It would have to be discussed at length (there would be issues not just with map reshuffling, but with testing, implementation, bug fixes, etc.) and there would have to be specific parameters for exactly what kind of bonuses it would give.
  • However -- I DO think this idea at least in some way would address the issue of balancing the "Chart" legacy -- right now, the chart is by far the least popular option of inheritance because a) it means foregoing a stat boost and b) it means not gaining fragments for discovering the places already charted by the previous character. I think your idea for a mechanical benefit to preserving your chart is a fine idea for making that inheritance option a viable one again. Right now, only new players ever really utilize the chart option until they build up a strong stat or find a particularly useful crew member. With your idea in mind, the chart may become useful in certain situations.

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