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Here you can find help from other players. Find a chess partner, someone to listen to your nightmares, or a clique.

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This one is also interested in the game of chance. I happen to have the right card for sending a gift if anyone wants a box of surprise!

A correspondent who hungers for knowledge. May have doomed london to war with Hell.
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To Mr. Kylestein ... and cohorts - particularily, one 'Rackenhammer', in refferrence to one Mathieu Psmith - Who i believe my kinfolk - i address the following ((With the understanding i would reply to any who still Play This Fine Game)) - And would greatly savour news of my putative cousin Mr. Psmith. ((In Aside :: let me just interject - that i do not hold with games of "Pass The Cat", nor do i have room for a "Starveling Cat", outside certain published fictions i've recently spun - as i have a small "zoo" accumulating, at this juncture - thank you - just the Randomest random Box Swap, for me, Friends!))

This is a missive from a newish citizen to the neath - Yggdrasil Fawlty Psmyth - or, "Drazzle", to familiars, friends, or family that is either . . .

i have already also sent this directly to M. Psmith, via "Rackenhammer", and await response therefrom, or hereby, as serendipity will out - That i may juggle this Mystery Package with you Fine, and Deliciously Friendly, and Playful Folk! . . . Thank you for any feedback as profferred.

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via Rackenhammer :: Mathieu PSMITH, esq ::

Hallo, Cousin - hopefully, most Deliciously Friendly -

Dear Mister Psmith -

This is a cousin, on the Psmyths' side ... Fawlty Psmyths, in my case -:- Yggdrasil "Drazzle" Fawlty Psmyth - nonetheless - and still newish to Neath (since Feb. 14th, in fact) . . . I was wondering at the small coincidense, you see - Of having gone to see the Shop of the macabre Toymaker, nostalgicly, as it were - And, instead, found the place quite vanished - but thereby, then found a Parcel, with your name and an address - a shock, itself, at the time - a seemingly freshly - paper-wrapped box - but the postmark seemed rather dated ... Thus, i hesitate - but thought to consign it to the address - after adding my own, in the "sender" field, and beginning this jot, enroute of a courier . . . i consulted an oracle of sorts, and found another clue ...

Apologies for the too informal jot - but i half assumed you might well be at sea, or abroad, so long after the now dated trace of you herein - Then, the Oracle's clipping file and eidetic recall found me another refferrence - under a posting for a game -:-
- that of Swapping Mystery Gifts (Sent / Inspired - via Lofty Square - Philosophers' urge to "Gift" another -- Which philanthropy inspiring event has also just been dealt myself, in an eerie degree of synchronicity) . . .

So, i am about to enlist in said Game posting - obviously, my most highly accomplished Noble Cousin (as you must be, at whatever remove) - i too seek by this effort to see if you DO, in fact, still Play that game, of "Pass the Present" - and apt to exchange such a swap, with myself, likewise, of course...! If you are beyond such trivial pursuits, i am sure to find a remaining Player or two - who might deal me in, and accept your parcel, in trust, and in your name - in the same Spirit of Giving and Surprise -- Therefore, please feel no undue obligation, to your distant and brash relative - but, DO, please R.S.V.P. as you may or intend, Sir!

With Anticipation and Serendipity, until your good word.

- Best Wishes, to You and Yours, this Neathy Spring.

Your Humble Savant,

and honoured kinfolk -

most deliciously friendly

for the nonce -

Y. "Drazzle' F. Psmyth, Esquire

Rooms Above A Bookstore (("Weepie Willies"?)),
East Fallen London
April 6, 1897

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