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Here you can find help from other players. Find a chess partner, someone to listen to your nightmares, or a clique.

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While I have been playing this game for a bit, I am utterly new to the whole friends thing.

I would like a few friends to use any sort of social actions with if any are willing and are generally on UK time, assuming they need to be on at the same time.

Also, if anyone is willing to part with any items, be they utterly useless or even harmful things you just wish to be RID of, things The Masters Of The Bazzar would envy you having, or anywhere in between, I won't say no long as harmful things cause no permanent or character deleting harm, though I'd appreciate it if you tell me what they do beforehand in the description so I know what I'm signing up for if it's bad. I would also appreciate if you intend to dupe me for whatever reason like losing scandal you are honest about your intentions. i will gladly take them if so.

edited by Kylestien on 10/8/2014
edited by Kylestien on 10/8/2014

I will accept all actions, though I hold the right to refuse for my own reasons. However, if you explain WHY you send me a harmful action like Loitering or Dantes,And I feel the reason good, I will consider it more. http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Kylestien

Persuasive patron. You want a lesson, send me a message asking for one.
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