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Here you can find help from other players. Find a chess partner, someone to listen to your nightmares, or a clique.

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Alex Sobol-Lavi
Alex Sobol-Lavi
Posts: 33

Ladies and Gentlemen, Madams and Messieurs! Noble things of indeterminate and sinister gender!

  • Do you want to have your names to live forever in my Newspaper? If so, send me a letter with the nature of your Ambition and I will be happy to contact you for an interview, as soon as the opportunity (card) presents itself. You can view the benefits of such an engagement below, under any "player interview" links: http://fallenlondon.wikia.com/wiki/Hours_before_the_Deadline

    This will reduce some of your Scandal and Suspicion

  • Wholly and indefatigably yours,

    Alex "Flipside", Esq.

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    Indefatigably yours,

    Alex "Flipside" Sobol

    Currently looking for Interview or Crooked Crosses for my New and Fashionable Salon des Rêves.

    I am yet to thaw off after the adventure on the Lifeberg.

    I will be happy to make your acquaintance and Interview you or engage in other Social Actions.
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    Posts: 111

    I have Ambition: Nemesis.

    Wriothesley: Call me "Risley". My first character, around midgame
    Asesina Ballenas: whale killer. Alt, recently PoSI
    Happy to accept most social actions; will help with menace reduction if it's reciprocated.
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