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Please please please let us get rid of Poor Edward's mask after concluding Ambition: Light Fingers! Please.


Actually, it'd be super awesome if we could turn it in for Masquing next Feast of the Rose! smile
edited by phryne on 6/7/2020

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28 days ago
The new equipment search bar is much appreciated! However, I still find myself hunting through equipment. Searching by name only helps when I already know what item to equip — could we search by equipment bonuses too?

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22 days ago
phryne wrote:
I think we definitely need a lot more outfit slots now. In the past, this was a bit of a luxury wish, as there weren't many uses for the BDR-qualities outside Notability-grinding, so a single extra slot would've done the job.

I find the Bone Market, where you constantly need to juggle your stats according to who you want to meet, nearly unplayable and have mostly avoided it thus far. As an end-game player with a frankly confusing amount of equipment, it's enervating to look for the ideal combination of Bizarre, Dreaded or Respectable items each time.

The same goes for the New Qualities, as I call them for lack of another name (Mithridacy etc). Presumably, more and more uses for them will be added, and more and more items boosting these qualities will become available through Festivals.

I don't know what exactly speaks against letting us have one outfit for each outfit-influenced stat, but at this point I would consider it a necessity, not a luxury.
edited by phryne on 6/6/2020

An even more neat option would of course be the ability to just select the qualities to maximize (or minimize) and automagically get the proper combination equipped, at least after having figured it out at least once oneself. Or at the very least being able to create an arbitrary amount of outfits to be named at one's own discretion...

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20 days ago
I'd love it if the shops in the Bazaar Sidestreets, like Baseborn & Fowlingpiece, showed how many items you have, out of needed total.

Usually it's "This will cost X item, you have Y". In Sidestreets, it's usually just "This will cost X". Is this intentional? It's been so long that it must be, but it's so annoying.
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20 days ago
Outfit juggling is getting ridiculous. I'm trying to farm some ivory humeri for a project and this is the process for ONE action, once I'm in the bone zone, I have to:
1) Switch to possessions.
2) Change outfit to Incognito, which I've set to destroy my respectable and leave me with only 5 drawable cards in the bone zone, thus guaranteeing I'll see the sculptress. (2 clicks)
3) Switch to Story.
4) Draw a card.
5) Click on bohemian sculptress.
6) Switch to Possessions.
7) Change outfit to Evening, which maximizes my Persuasive. (2 clicks)
8) Switch back to story.
9) Click on the challenge.
10) Switch back to Possessions.
11) Change outfit to Incognito.
12) Switch back to Story.
13) Click Onwards.
14) Repeat from 1.

This is fifteen clicks to do a single action. Oh, and it has to be in precisely this order, otherwise you lose cards. And all this tedious outfit switching is very much necessary because the challenge is very hard and I'd end up wasting a lot of actions and accruing menace (quite a bit too, it's 2cp scandal on fail) if i didn't go through this asinine process every time.

Edit: Oh by the way, it also takes forever because you have to wait for the game to load after every single click.
edited by NotaWalrus on 6/19/2020

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19 days ago
My first impressions of the bone market is that it's quite frustrating, and absolutely requires you to play with the wiki open. Both times I've been there I've wasted all 10 cards looking for something that simply wasn't there because I wasn't careful enough in choosing my equipment.

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18 days ago
Surely one ought to be able to walk from Port Carnelian from the Court of the Wakeful Eye? There are even storylets in the former where you visit the Banded Prince. It seems awfully strange to have to sail back and forth.
edited by imeja on 6/22/2020

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