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Here you can find help from other players. Find a chess partner, someone to listen to your nightmares, or a clique.

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Hi all, Setara here hoping to find a patron. I am the sort who gets in bar brawls and then hangs out at the palace. I have an affection for Rubbery Men and Tomb colonists. I'm also aiming to get every pet I can.

My current stats are:
Watchful 90
Dangerous 95
Persuasive 94
Shadowy 85

Hope to hear from someone!
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Ms Rose
Ms Rose
Posts: 17

Ivy is looking for someone to help her finish up the grind to POSI. A quite refined monster fighter with a penchant for melancholy and campaigning.

Watchful 77
Shadowy 60
Dangerous 86
Persuasive 68

Ivy Rose, a woman of gentle sophistication, brutal violence, and deep despair. Open to all social actions.
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The Enthusiastic Linguist
The Enthusiastic Linguist
Posts: 3

Cayna Emor came down to the Neath to seek revenge for her murdered sibling. She's gotten pretty good at the seeking part, but the physical aspect of her whole "revenge" thing could use some work. She is looking for a patron who can help her work out some of the kinks in her stabbing technique, maybe give a few pointers. She's not normally very ferocious so you might have to egg her on with some frustrating academic misrepresentations first (or you could try flirting, that'll always get you stabbed).

Watchful 78
Shadowy 15
Dangerous 58
Persuasive 23

Helen Freshman, on the other hand, is an archaeologist, cryptolinguist, Correspondence scholar, and a guest lecturer at Benthic University. While her wit is inescapable, she would like to be a bit more well-rounded and is eager to learn. She may or may not be distantly related to a certain ordained Franciscan who fell with the Fourth City. Her chiropteromantic zodiac sign is the Crow.

Watchful 104
Shadowy 58
Dangerous 32
Persuasive 63

A riddle you say? She tears an empty page from a notebook and sketches out a series of abstract lines that look suspiciously like Correspondence. She hands you the page. Apparently your task is to identify where on the sigil you can safely place another stroke so that it won't make your eyes bleed but will still set the paper alight. Is this what she does in her spare time?


Helen Freshman, The Enthusiastic Linguist https://www.fallenlondon.com/profile/Helen%20Freshman
Cayna Emor, recent immigrant to the Neath https://www.fallenlondon.com/profile/Cayna%20Emor
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Posts: 6

Pipistrelle Carter would be delighted to find a patron. Here are her current stats:

Watchful 28
Shadowy 29
Dangerous 19
Persuasive 35

EDIT: I'm no longer in need of a patron, thank you to those who were kind enough to help me out!
edited by Pipistrelle on 1/2/2020

Charmer, oneironaut, unusually tall cat. Happy to receive social actions!

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Posts: 10

Edit: advanced to PoSI without aid, cancelled
edited by Rainshine on 1/30/2020
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Posts: 4

I am looking for London regulars who are proficient with the Watchful or Shadowy side of the Neath. Duelling was my favourite pasttime for a while...alas I am lacking the various other qualities that are required to properly thrive down here. I'll be very grateful for your help!

(Stat update after 9 days (1.1.2020))

Watchful 43 -> 66
Shadowy 48 -> 64
Dangerous 122 -> 136
Persuasive 66 -> 81

A riddle? I am the riddle. If you want to get to know me, I'll gladly spend a good amount of time to be your penfriend, if you wish me to be. It can get very lonely without one.

Already found somebody for Watchful + Persuasive while personally raising Shadowy via social actions. Should be fine for now!
edited by Soldren on 1/10/2020

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Posts: 1

At your service good noble.
I hate to intrude but, well... let’s just say that I’ve only recently arrived in town and find myself short of friends. I’ll admit the city is a bit cold to strangers. I’ve heard you described in certain quarters as one who would help a new arrival find their feet, in return for... certain recompense. You watch my back and I’ll watch yours, as they say. I may not be much more than an ear to the ground currently, but helping a man up today means he can fight beside you tomorrow, you know.
My card. I hope to hear from you shortly.

___________________________________ DECAYING
Discretely removing any inconvenient
razorblades from the candyfloss of life.

Dangerous - 75
Persuasive - 55
Shadowy - 51
Watchful. - 62

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Chance DuVert
Chance DuVert
Posts: 2

Chance DuVert is not particularly new to the city, but they are very impatient and prone to leaving projects on permanent hiatus when things get too slow (like their creator, they probably have ADD). They're impulsive and reckless to the point of self-destruction at times, but that is mostly because they are constantly concerned by how others perceive them. They are actually a bit of a romantic at heart, but they would never admit it to anyone.

Watchful - 94
Shadowy - 73
Dangerous - 83
Persuasive - 70

I'd prefer someone who could help with Persuasive, but anyone willing to help with any of these would be greatly appreciated! And Chance is pretty much friendless at the moment, so they'll take anyone. Thank you.

What belongs to you but is used more often by other people?


EDIT: Patron acquired! Thank you so much to Vivienne Thursday.
edited by Chance DuVert on 1/12/2020

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Posts: 16

d0sboots is a newcomer to London who followed a nightmarish call that first led below, and is now leading... elsewhere. She's looking for any help possible, as buying a ship is required to continue her search...

Watchful - 60
Shadowy - 25
Dangerous - 18
Persuasive - 43

My riddle is simple: What is a Certain Individual's Name? If you know the answer, I (and many others) are *dying* to know...

Edit: Patron acquired! Thank you to the mysteriously named "Is this name available"!
edited by d0sboots on 2/18/2020

https://www.fallenlondon.com/profile/D0sboots (Gone NORTH)
https://www.fallenlondon.com/profile/d0sboots2 (That one with all the cats)
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Anneliese Lemieux
Anneliese Lemieux
Posts: 28

Bonjour, I am an aspiring monster huntress looking for possible patrons who are also Shattering Force monster hunters...anyone out there that I can have fun with?

FL Profile: https://www.fallenlondon.com/profile/Annelise%20Lemieux
Character Bio: https://www.wattpad.com/843390388-fallen-london-oc-bios-anneliese-lemieux
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Posts: 1

Hello, my name is Ioryck, and I'm new to the reach. While trying to live my life here in London I've stumbled across the knowledge that a patron could help me get around, so I'm looking for someone who can help me be more Watchful and/or Persuasive. I'm still quite weak on skill matters, but you know what they say... well... what was it they said?

Watchful - 14
Shadowy - 39
Dangerous - 16
Persuasive - 17

Thank you all for your time.
At your service, Ioryck.

P.S. Even if you're not looking for a protegé, I won't deny a friend to spend the nights partying or such.

Edit: Someone already contacted me offering patronage. Never thought it would be so quick. But we may still benefit from a friendship, so, contact me if you want so. Thank you all.
edited by Ioryck on 4/7/2020
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Posts: 3

Ahoy! Poppet here, a... shall we say, capricious resident of the Neath. It turns out that I certainly could benefit from a patron's wisdom in either Dangerous (71) or Shadowy (78). Don't come a-knockin' otherwise. I'll pretend I'm not home.

I enjoy a good bit of banter, so don't be shy if friendship is what you seek. No woman is an island... unless...

xx, P

[edit: the need for Dangerous patronage has been met. Still looking for Shadowy types!]
edited by poppeteer on 5/7/2020
edited by poppeteer on 6/29/2020

Here be the lovely Miss P!
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Posts: 3

I need some patrons!

Watchful: 13
Shadowy: 37
Dangerous: 15
Persuasive: 35

I'm still kind of new so help of any kind would be appreciated. My username is fantomeadhesif, I'm not sure how to link my profile.
edited by fantomeadhesif on 5/28/2020
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Abel with 2 L's
Abel with 2 L's
Posts: 1

Hello friends, my name is Abell, and Im looking for some kind soul to help me be more persuasive with my fists.
So, If you are the kind of person who is dangerous enough to be able to kill a Lorn-Fluke by punching it in the face (or the equivalent of its face) or just want to complain about this city over a glass of gin send me a letter

Watchful: 78
Shadowy: 19
Dangerous: 66
Persuasive: 50


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Posts: 1

Respectable newcomer NO LONGER looking for patronage
Currently taking all kinds of odd jobs and dabbling in poetry. Shroom-hopping enthusiast. Seeker of kataleptic phantasia. Amateur Attar mixologist. Fluent in French and arrogance. Likes fungus pizza for breakfast.

Neddy men, constables’ pets and spirifers dismissed. Connoisseur of neathy delights a must. Mycologenes with tutelage in shadowy arts preferred. Acquaintance with other exiles from the surface also welcomed.

Watchful - 96
Shadowy - 96
Dangerous - 96
Persuasive - 104
edited by BotS on 7/14/2020

Rooftop dancing since '98
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Posts: 74

The Melancholic Shadow is looking for a Patron. Any specialization is fine, Persuasive is preferred, though.

Watchful 52
Shadowy 57
Dangerous 53
Persuasive 65

The Extravagant Wordsmith (Jel) accepts all social actions. Alert me before snubbing me.

The Melancholic Shadow accepts all social actions.
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Posts: 5

I will one day be a thief of great reknown, whispered of in shadows. For now, I am at the start of my journey. Seeking all kinds of patronage.

watchful 27
shadowy 45
dangerous 26
persuasive 56

profile link in signature.

thanking you in advance, perhaps we can help each other.

Edit: currently have a patron, but do feel free to send me a calling card anyway
edited by Brigid on 7/3/2020

say hi!
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Miss Francine Laot
Miss Francine Laot
Posts: 3

Dearest delicious friends,
I'm quite new to the Neath and would clearly benefit from the good society of kindred spirits. My poetry & short stories of the Celestial School have been kindly & favorably received thus far, and I'm most intent on increasing my standing at court & being granted the title of Artist-In-Residence there ('am now working on a novel to that end, having already enjoyed HM's praise of my first poem in her honor). Beyond that, I am at 'ambitionless' leisure and would greatly enjoy cultivating the association of you who know London and the Neath so very well!
warm regards,

A simple & silly riddle (surely you've heard this one before?): What part of London still remains in France?

Watchful ~ 18
Shadowy ~ 10
Dangerous ~ 6
Persuasive ~ 84

Miss Francine Laot, an irresistible, breathtaking and observant lady (& A Person of Some Little Consequence).
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