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Here you can find help from other players. Find a chess partner, someone to listen to your nightmares, or a clique.

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Just looking for people I can do those invite storylets with. I dunno. And, possibly, more knowledgeable people I can ask for help from from time to time? In game name is the same as my forum name. Anyone want to help me out? Really enjoying the game so far! I already dropped like 30 bucks on it....
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  • If you're looking for social invitations make sure you browse through the Singing Mandrake section of our forum. Don't see a thread about the topic you want? Make one! We only rarely bite, normally when honey-mazed or in the Parlor of Virtues. Not that anyone respectable would know of that. Ahmm. Moving on.

  • As for knowledge, head to the Bazaar. Not the in game Bazaar, the big fancy section on the forum that says Bazaar. We do more of our mechanical crunching and mathematics in this section. Look for any thread by Urthdigger if you want to find the most efficient grinds. Head to the Salons for a less formal setting in case you have any lore questions.

  • Most of all just ask us. You'll find we are rather erudite company, if occasionally esoterically obsessed with rats and goats.

  • Welcome to the game!

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    I would like to thank this community and game for the many years of joy you have brought me. May you find your Heart's Desire.

    Daniel Redwood
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