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Here you can find help from other players. Find a chess partner, someone to listen to your nightmares, or a clique.

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Lucas Undercreed
Lucas Undercreed
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You sit in one of your favorite drinking establishment, partaking of one of your favorite beverages, experience one of your least favorite emotions: Boredom. It has been a good while since your criminal talents have been exercised to their fullest potential. But what can you do? Nobody has planned any capers more exciting than than burgling a chandler's workshop. So here you sit, and sip, and sigh, and wait patiently for a job more suited to your caliber. Fortunately, you do not long to wait. An Ambitious Favor-Monger sits at your table and grins widely. "I've been looking for you," he says, and checks to see if you are being watched. "I hear you are waiting for proper employment of your not-inconsiderable talents."

You aren't impressed. The last potential employer to compliment your skill needed you to pilfer a letter from a rookery.

The Ambitious Favor-Monger once again scans the room and continues. "Coins. Specifically, First-City coins. I have heard that some can be found in the Museum of Mistakes. Get them for me, and you can help yourself to whatever catches your eye while you're in there." He slides a notebook across the table toward you. "This is all I could find about the Museum with the resources available to me. You will have to fill in the gaps."


Just What You Needed!

Of course you'll do it! If not for professional pride, then for the treasure that is sure to wait within the walls of the museum
You need shadowy above 70 to have a decent chance of succeeding.

Betray the Trusting Simpleton!

He's done almost half the work! And without even offering to pay you for your time. You'll help yourself to the loot, of course, but you don't see why you should bother with fulfilling his request.

[Locked] {You need Heartless at 9001}

[Perhaps Later]


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Patrick Reding
Patrick Reding
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Log out of Fallen London, then log back in. That should clear up the problem.
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