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Alexis Kennedy
Alexis Kennedy
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A small upcoming fix to quality ordering in the sidebar, which a number of folk have reported as not working. It is working, but in quite a confusing way.

  • Currently, it orders by category, then Ordering: so if you have a Menace quality with an Ordering level of 10, it'll appear above your other Menace qualities but below your BasicAbility qualities.

    In the upcoming patch, it will order by Ordering, then by category: so a Menace quality with Ordering 10 will appear above everything else with a lower order. (For qualities with the same Ordering, they'll band by category.)

    This is much more in line with natural expectations, but if you're using Ordering right now, it may cause things to leap about unexpectedly!

    The fix'll be here later this week.
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    Hi Alexis

    Was this tweak implemented before the maintenance mode announcement? If not, is there a work-around to force Sidebar Abilities to appear above Menaces, etc?
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    I do not think Alexis will answer here, he is not working for FBG anymore, take a look at cultist simulator wink and this thead is 4 years old, you must be an archeologist smile


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