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Rupho Schartenhauer
Rupho Schartenhauer
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"The Masters apply peculiar customs duties: to fish below a certain size, to green ribbons but not red, to speckled eggs but not plain. Perhaps their strangest tax is a heavy duty on stories of love: but it only applies to stories leaving the Neath..."

The fish probably relates to "the tiny blind fish" that the Rubbery Men eat. That way, even the Rubbery Men have to pay taxes to the Masters.
We know that the Bazaar somehow lives off love stories, so taxing those leaving the Neath is not a surprise either.
But what about green ribbons and speckled eggs?

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Lady Red
Lady Red
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If you look at the artwork, Gifts of Adoration have red ribbons (tax free) and Gifts of Scorn have green (taxed). So that would make sense, given that the masters seem to have a strange fondness for love.

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