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Here you can find help from other players. Find a chess partner, someone to listen to your nightmares, or a clique.

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Maurna Frost
Maurna Frost
Posts: 246

Like our other delicious directories, this is a post for Fallen Londoners to make connections. If you have a newspaper and are looking for interviewees post your name. If you are willing to be interviewed (this is about your ambition) please post here. This post created after some discussion here.
Names will appears in this format, EchoBazaar (twitter, facebook) - Ambition.

The following cards hold the trigger for interviews *spoiler* and are unlocked with Hours Before the Deadline 2
Baying for Blood - Nemesis - Nem
A Gemstone to Shame Rajahs - Light Fingers - LF
They Want to Hear of the Vake - Bag a Legend - BaL
Rumours of a Most Singular Card Game - Heart's Desire - HD *spoiler*

Consequences - The interviewee can lose suspicion and or scandal. The interviewer gains 3 copies and 2 appalling secrets.

Newspaper Owners - not to be surprised if one of them contacts you!
Carabrains (@carabrains) - The Elektrick Key
hannah mckay (@sagacioushmckay) - Erudite Balderdash
Inpiun (@Inpiun) - Voices and Echoes
Lyssie (@Lyssiechan)
Genny (@kittykayak) - Northways Gazette-Expostulator
cathyr19355 (@cathyr19355) - The Spitalfields Explorer
KatrinaNavane (@KatrinaNavane ) - Demon Kitty Times
Andrew Zelinske ( , Andrew Zelinske) - Proscribed Immaterial
Eleanor Nyx Volclain (@nixieneo) - the Daily Grind
Iris Savine-Mercatur (@ocasionalmadnes) - The Occasional
Scytale (@ThisIsFalse) - The Daily Correspondence
FelicityChase (@FelicityChase will list as Rachel Yee) - The Thunder Courant
ThirdTerrene (@ThirdTerrene) - Bell, Book, and Candle
Urthdigger (@Urthdigger) - Of Heaven and Earth
Aryenke (@Aryenke) - The Whisperer
Spacemarine9 (@Spacemarine9) - Mr Eatens Name
aichudechu (@aichudechu)

Interview subjects
Inpiun (@Inpiun) - LF
Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook (@SirFredTC) - LF
Lady Red (@wholahoop) - LF
hannah mckay (@sagacioushmckay) - LF
Lyssie (@Lyssiechan) - LF
Wieland Burandt's alt (@PodoDeepdelver) - LF
Malt Jones (@Malt_Jones) - BaL
Reginald Hubris (@ReginaldHubris) - BaL
REALJimBob (@REALJimBob) - BaL
Maddyanne (@Maddyanne1) - BaL
Spacemarine9 (@Spacemarine9) - BaL
aichudechu (@aichudechu) - BaL
Quil (@HelenKeeble) - Nem
Maurna Frost (@Maurna_Frost, MaurnaFrost) - Nem
Passionario (@rementra) - Nem
CHGardiner (@CHGardiner) - Nem
T.W.O Chandler (@ThomasChandler1, ThomasChandler) - Nem
Aspeon (@gfilpus) - Nem
MrChris (@CdotPdotM) - Nem
cathyr19355 (@cathyr19355) - Nem
Myke Harryson or ApolloFireweaver ( , Myke Harryson) - Nem
Aryenke (@Aryenke) - Nem

Yana ( , Sikyanakotik) - HD
Nigel Overstreet (@N_Overstreet, Renraku Fortyk) HD
Urthdigger (@Urthdigger) - HD
streetfelineblue (@streetfelineblu) - HD
Little The (@littlethe) - HD
JohnPurple (@GaelViolet) - HD
India_Hand (@India_Hand) - HD
Carabrains (@carabrains) - HD
Genny (@kittykayak) - HD
KatrinaNavane (@KatrinaNavane ) - HD
Andrew Zelinske ( , Andrew Zelinske) - HD
WintersNight (@WintersNight) - HD
Eleanor Nyx Volclain (@nixieneo) - HD
Iris Savine-Mercatur (@ocasionalmadnes) - HD
Scytale (@ThisIsFalse) - HD
FelicityChase (@FelicityChase will list as Rachel Yee) - HD
ThirdTerrene (@ThirdTerrene) - HD

edited by MaurnaFrost on 6/30/2012


I greatly enjoy meeting delicious new friends and participating in deliciously exciting new adventures! Please feel free to drop a card to meet for dinner, exchange favors, give an interview, or any other activity that comes to mind. I DO particpate in exchanges requiring Fate, BUT you must contact me first; twitter, facebook, or here on the forums via PM.

Note: I am currently exchanging parcels with a large number of dear friends and my parcel opportunities are rare. I am always willing to exchange but your rate of return may be rather slow. To find others to exchange with I recommend the Starveling list.
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Posts: 528

I’m available for Bag a Legend! interviews, and I own a newspaper called “The Truth”. Curious if anyone gets that reference, by the way.

Saklad5, a man of many talents
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Gail Gerrund
Gail Gerrund
Posts: 18

Jeremy Saklad wrote:
I’m available for Bag a Legend! interviews, and I own a newspaper called “The Truth”. Curious if anyone gets that reference, by the way.

Mine is more directly named Pravda; merely to shock, I assure you.

I can interview for Light Fingers, and may seek some others out from time to time.

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Jamilah S. Wolf
Jamilah S. Wolf
Posts: 122

I'm available for interviews (BaL) and I've got my own paper, The Owl Eye. I've got riveting tales of how I came this close to snagging the hide of the Vake. It's no sailor's tale, I swear.
edited by jamilah on 12/23/2016


, a most fascinating Lady of the Neath who finds herself mingling with Society and aligning with Criminals. This Licentiate Extraordinaire would love to align with the Masters, given the chance. A Shattering Force.
Huarwar Ceiswyr, a Welshman and detective lured to the Neath to Seek. The toll it has taken does not hide itself, nor does he bother to. On hiatus.

Open to all actions, delicious friends. Messages required prior to harmful ones. PM for hints Enigmatic.

She wishes for nothing more than to be close to the Masters, for who else can unlock the Mysteries of the Neath?
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Aberrant Eremite
Aberrant Eremite
Posts: 362

Tanith Wyrmwood is interesting in interviewing people for her newspaper. She's also willing to talk at great length about how traumatized she was by Light Fingers. She was pretty sure the tin said "huge diamond," not "nightmare fuel."

Hieronymus Drake is also eager to share his theories on the Vake and his experience hunting it, although he may hedge a bit on the question of precisely how many nuns he's murdered.

Hieronymus Drake: Gentleman scholar, big-game hunter, scar-faced aristocrat. Remarkably sane, all things considered.
Tanith Wyrmwood: Longshanks cat-burglar; Bohemian author; now, perhaps, something more. Bubbly, expressive, and affectionate. It’s not only still waters that run deep.
Telemachia Lee: Gentle lady by birth, brawling Docker by choice. Good company in the drunk tank.
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Edward Frye
Edward Frye
Posts: 263

Edward Frye would love to let everyone know the truth. You can interview him about Light Fingers.

My profile, http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Edward~Frye
Edward Frye's Appearance http://community.failbettergames.com/topic9363-your-characters-appearances.aspx?Page=7
My alt http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Ulysses~Beechworth
My Mr. Eaten profile http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/profile/Laurens~Haymore
Edward Frye is currently open to pretty much any social options except loitering.
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Posts: 188

I am always available to speak to speak on the nature of the Marvellous, provided I may ask you some questions in return. I am currently in the public service, but I will be back in London before the start of the new week. Cheers.

Edit: Back in London. Send away!
edited by ExceptionallyDelicious on 10/6/2017

Any and all social actions are appreciated, and most will be reciprocated.

DavidJ, a self reflection (main): http://fallenlondon.com/Profile/DavidJ

Damien Erebus, a broken man and aspiring spymaster: http://fallenlondon.com/Profile/Damien%20Erebus
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Harry P.
Harry P.
Posts: 116

Harry P. is willing to answer any and all questions regarding the Marvelous. (Heart's Desire)

Elizabeth Broker may answer your questions regarding her quest for revenge if it helps her hunt them down. (Nemesis)

Harry P.: http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/HarryP22h
A Magnanimous Gentleman Author with a tendency for melancholic monologues.
Elizabeth K. Broker: http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Elizabeth%20K%20Broker
A Socially-Awkward Dueling Trickster with a thirst for vengeance and a soft spot for urchins.
If you are ever in need of any assistance, do not hesitate to ask either of them. The second one is still finicky, though.
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Posts: 9

I own a newspaper and I'm doing LF ambition, so I'm good with being interviewed and likely to send interview requests!
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Mr Scribble
Mr Scribble
Posts: 6

I am the proprietor and editor of the Weekend Morning Sunshine Times-Herald and Zailing News. I am also currently hunting the Vake (Ambition: Bag a Legend) and am available for interviews on the subject.

MrScribble - "Greetings, delicious _______!"


DrSeek - "The Name cannot hide!"
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Leszek N_
Leszek N_
Posts: 8

I'll gladly answer any questions about Nemesis, if anyone's interested.

Leszek Nx
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Catherine Raymond
Catherine Raymond
Posts: 2527

This page reads a lot like a Classified ads column, for some reason.

By the way, I am still willing to give interviews. cathyr19355 in Fallen London.

Cathy Raymond

Catherine Raymond aka Mrs. Rykar Malkus http://fallenlondon.com/Profile/Catherine%20Raymond (Gone NORTH)
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Nigel Overstreet
Nigel Overstreet
Posts: 1220

I am available for interviews for Heart's Desire. The most common Ambition, I know, but there it is.

The Romantic Egotist: Most Hedonistic Man in All of Fallen London
Are you or someone you know Overgoated? Please, let me know!

Cider Club
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Dorian Foster
Dorian Foster
Posts: 24

@Sara Hysaro: The reporters have been dispatched, with thanks and a bottle of wine. smile
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    Posts: 1084

    Alas, I wrote poorly. I'm a player of the Marvelous myself.

    But! I now do have invitations for all three of the other ventures for my upcoming issue!

    Parelle, Lady Joseph Marlen. The Singular Librarian. A Midnighter, a Player of the Marvelous.
    pages from a dusty bookshop: a badly updated FL changelog | Useful Guidance and Explanations
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    Jermaine Vendredi
    Jermaine Vendredi
    Posts: 595

    The story of my mishaps in the pursuit of my Hearts Desire is surely worthy of a snippet on page 7! Better offers would be considered, however.

    No plant battles, please.
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