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I haven't played in a very long time but I continued supporting the game through the exceptional friend subscription. Coming back I've realised I don't remember anything about the game, the factions, the people, the quests, and I'm considering just deleting the account and starting over but the thing thats stopping me is the dozon or so exceptional stories that have built up over my time away that I dont want to waste even though I don't remember enough about the world to even enjoy them if I'm honest.

Is there anyway to gift or transfer exceptional stories across to a new character? I don't mind having to rebuy the ones I already played but it's just such a waste.
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Someone from Failbetter would have to answer that, I think. That said, you could, hypothetically, start a new character and refamiliarise yourself with the game and its setting, and then resume playing your established account? Lots of people have more than one account, after all, to enjoy mutually-exclusive stories like the Ambitions.

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