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Hannah Flynn
Hannah Flynn
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The end of the century approaches and, absent any conspicuous planning from Mr Wines, His Amused Lordship has taken it upon himself to plan a New Year's soirée of truly catastrophic proportions.

In Fallen London, the year is 1899. The turn of the century approaches. What does the city have in mind for this unmissable occasion?

We could scarce have thought, back when Fallen London was a few thousand words for a few hundred players, that we would one day be approaching this milestone with millions of words under our belt and a thriving, charming, delightfully creative community.

We’d like to commemorate this event with a competition. The winners will receive a rare, coveted companion, The Rubbery Plongeur!

We are asking for your creative responses to the following prompt:

How does your character usually celebrate New Year’s Eve?

These could be in any format you like: drawn, written, video, craft, and so on. Written pieces must be no more than 500 words, video no longer than a minute. Any other format needs to be supplied with sufficient detail that we can fully grasp what it is, so for example a craft piece could be photographed and sent with a few words of description. Please limit your descriptions to 50 words or fewer.

You may enter as many times as you like. We ask that entries are provided either here in this thread, in the dedicated Discord channel, or via email to replies@failbettergames.com, with your character name and username. Note: we’d like to share some of the entries on social media, so please mention if you’d prefer that we didn’t.

We will be accepting entries until 11th January 2022 at noon GMT, with judging to follow. We expect there will be at least five winners, but there may be more depending on the volume of entries! See the full terms and conditions.

Meanwhile, London’s thoughts turn to the upcoming celebration. Look for A Revel to End All Revels, an opportunity card available throughout London, to follow a timely story.

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