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Favourite combinations for the False-Summer Companionship?

Chef/Replete, Curate/Drownie, Jervaise/Plenty:4
Chef/Replete, Curate/Plenty, Jervaise/Drownie:0
Chef/Drownie, Curate/Replete, Jervaise/Plenty:0
Chef/Drownie, Curate/Plenty, Jervaise/Replete:0
Chef/Plenty, Curate/Drownie, Jervaise/Replete:2
Chef/Plenty, Curate/Replete, Jervaise/Drownie:0
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With 6 participants and 3 dates, the aesthetically pleasing solution is to use each party once, so I'm curious which combination you went with, or just preferred the most (folding together disaster dates or star-spun ones, because 48 choices is slightly too many for a fun poll). Optionally, did any line stick with you or confirm your choice?

I picked the Curate/Drownie because they seemed eager right off the bat, and then I let the Chef and Plenty enact a disaster because somehow I thought they'd enjoy that more. I wasn't sure about Jervaise and the Replete but I found their boat ride affecting in a sort of dry, sweet way: "Occasionally he sends out an encouraging cheer [...] When she lands, he hands her a cigarette and they smoke in companionable silence".

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Lady Sapho Byron
Lady Sapho Byron
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Curate/Drownie, Curate/Replete, Jervaise/Plenty ... and happy everyone. Because I need to stay in the good graces of the Curate for ... reasons. Well, just one reason. And Jervaise and Plenty are just too adorable!

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