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I don't know if it has something to do with storing the game on external storage with the PS5 (have most of my ps4 games on an external drive), but this has happened to me three days in a row. Save file got corrupted and had to start over. Played for (too long) then saved and exited in a port. Logged back in and my new game was not among my saves (only a few games where I quit out early to try a different captain config). Started over. Played for (way too long). Quit out, did some work, continued my new game. Quit out, ate some food, continued my new game. Quit out, read a book, went back and hit continue, but it loaded an older game. Checked my saved games and, again, only my early games were available, not the new one. Cloud saves show a save from this afternoon but it, too, has only older saves. I give up!
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