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Who's the leader?

Industrial Stove:11
Industrial Stove, but, like, hungrier:1
Corn Man:0
The Lackful, huddled by a campFire:0
The Lackless, a step away from the campFire:1
The first thirty-one days of the Earth's rotation around the sun:2
Absolutely no one! No one's leading these guys!:5
An eighth leader that the wiki does not state yet!:0
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1 days ago
PJ wrote:
Indeed, the number is 5260
In that case, I suspect it is just an erroneous description. Probably best to contact support.

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Tsar Koschei
Tsar Koschei
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23 hours ago
Hinterland City - Foundation 4251 - A Prehistoricist-Emancipationist Stronghold Made from Your Doppelganger, with a Darkly Amused Furnace Ancona in Charge

The Style of a City 7 - Remembered

Hinterland City - Chosen Site In the Parish of Burrow, Among the Parishioners of the Church in the Wild

I tried visiting the site via Burrow, but found nothing there linked to the city. I wonder when those cards will start showing up.


Sanguine Ribbon Society tournament champion.

No loitering, coffee at Caligula's or Affluent Photographer, please.
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18 hours ago
Hattington wrote:
I have trapped them in Station VIII, in a city made of my own duplicate, given Furnace her face back WITHOUT fixing her memory...

Wait, fixing her memory was an option?

Will sometimes return to post absurdity.
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16 hours ago
I have constructed an Emancipationist city made from my duplicate near Balmoral, with a restored Furnace in charge. In honesty, I'm kind of regretting it. Not for having duped the Creditor, but just that what I've seen of the other possible city-seeds makes me think that Cornelius' city would be far more to my architectural liking. Kind of ironic that the city made from my thoughts is less appealing than someone else's.

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