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Do you support the Songbird Initiative?

Do i support woat?:16
the Inquisitive Masseurse
the Inquisitive Masseurse
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Assuming this board won't shatter at the first attempt to discuss a subject other than the mayoral elections - let us hear your thoughts!

Good news everyone! The Inquisitive Masseurse is back in London, from hir extended tour overzeez, and is available for house calls!

Not so great news: Streetcat is still in London. It's probably right behind you.
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As with a lot of Neathy controversies, I find it difficult to take a side -- or even feel motivated to -- because the lore is so ambiguous and wrapped in mystique that it's difficult to properly assess what the material conditions even are in the first place, much less how the Big Change in question would affect them.

This applies to stuff like the Liberation, the Dawn Machine, whether to like/support the Red-Handed Queen, what to think of whatever the Devils are really up to, what to think of the Flukes, and many more I'm not thinking of...

The biggest faction I can think of that I can support wholeheartedly is conventional, non-Liberation revolutionaries ... because they've got an exact equivalent IRL and all of us living under capitalism should know how badly the existing power structures need to be uprooted.

For the more mysterious controversies, my stance has been to not worry too much, sit back and enjoy the writing and atmosphere, and kick the can down the road on developing a strong opinion on them. But then again, as I've been playing the game for 8 years, seen most of the pre-Railway deep lore already, and still feel this way, maybe I should think about changing my approach, lol.

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Preacher Tzara wrote:
The waht?

I'm afraid you'd have to be Exceptional to know about this thing (and this is why so many in the voting above never heard of it). At least, I only met it in two places: one was an Exceptional Story (called HOJOTOHO!), the other was Sunless Skies. But the episode in Sunless Skies was mostly just a cameo, and it didn't mention the Songbird Initiative itself.
I said yeah in the Exceptional Story, because what the hell. The Foreign Office is a mysterious organization doing mysterious bureacracy and spying after one another, but that's pretty much what everyone does in London. And the girl would have a job and a place in the adult world.

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