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“An archive of things that never happened”. An in-character forum for fanfiction and roleplaying. Beware - spoilers abound!

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A place for me to share fanart! Something about my characters, for start!
[spoiler]This is for both my main (Huey Nomure) and one of my alts (the Mischievous Socialite, who is not an Advocate yet)...

...although they're the alt I'm putting the most time in (the Perky Talespinner)[/spoiler]
Yes, my art is mostly done pencil on paper and then scanned, so they're going to look a bit rough, heh.
edited by Huey on 5/8/2021

Huey Nomure (she/her) - Gathered are the candles of saints devoured. A traveler has returned to a corner of sun and intrigue she had lost in her heart. She will always return, but never return. [Gone NORTH]
The Perky Talespinner (Addressed as Silver, she/they) - Daring adventurer and enthusiastic huntress on both sides of the mirror, kind in a "tough love" sort of way.
The Mischievous Socialite (Addressed as Advocate or (Lady) Elphisa, she/her) - Hopeless hedonist, always on the prowl for the next caper with a playful little smile on her lips and a worrying glint in her eye.
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