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11 days ago
I am still looking for a pen-pal. My quest to find a pen-pal to exchange RP (roleplay) snail mail letters with has been unsuccessful. So, perhaps there is someone interested in exchanging ordinary snail mail?
Of course I would still like to attempt exchanging letters from one Fallen London character to another. However, if it’s not meant to be – then it’s not to be.

If either interests you, do notify me. You can do so by responding to this post, writing a PM to me on this forum, or contacting me in-game (http://https://www.fallenlondon.com/profile/Mad-as-a-Hatter).

Do not fret, writing to me is by no way an obligation to exchange mail with me. Regardless of what sort of letters you'd like to exchange - this process would not begin immediately. So do write to me using whichever method (from the listed) you prefer. Lets chat and see, mayhap we shall exchange real post (:

~Lord Hatter
edited by Mad-as-a-Hatter on 4/5/2021
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