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This is the place to discuss playing the game. Find tips, debate the best places to find certain items and share advice.

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PSGarak wrote:
Winthropx wrote:
What’s the highest possible cub’s Education you can get? I’m at 17 right now.

Information on the Wiki puts the cap at 19. There are twelve listed options, plus the Panther, the five cats from Chimes Lost & Found, and Horatio. I'm not aware of any additional options, although if there are any exceedingly-obscure cat companions out there, it's very possible.

This also means to the best available knowledge, meeting the Lion has a minimum requirement of 2 Chimes companions, making it Fate-locked.

I’m just missing the urchin connected pet and the panther then. I can get close enough to the max then.

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I'm only at 13 for Cats. Is there anyway to get Wakeful Eye pets, or do I have to wait?
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