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4 days ago
Good evening, Delicious Neath Dwellers,

The roleplay letters are still open! If you’re not familiar with my previous post, which is now [REDACTED], this is a call for an in-character letter exchange. These are real letters mind you, not messages within Fallen London that are endearingly titled as “letters”.
Some visuals to illustrate what I am talking about (attaching images has not worked for me, so here is a link to my letters/drawings/what-have-you image as stored on the imgur image repository:

In-depth information can be found in another post of mine on this Forum (link’ed below). It’s lengthy and tongue-in-cheek, written hopefully in a manner befitting the London that has Fallen. May it entertain you, and do respond if you are interested!

P.S. Reminder to those who are new to the Forum, you shall not get email notifications when someone responds to your messages/posts. Therefore, log-in to check for replies!
P.P.S. The “redacted” bit was just a witticism; I've deleted the old post on this part of the forum so as to not spam it with repetition.
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