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Here you can find help from other players. Find a chess partner, someone to listen to your nightmares, or a clique.

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This club is for those who either desire to get letters from other people, or send letters to other people, of any and all kinds.

It is also for those seeking to obtain specific letters for various reasons. Just post what letters you want or are giving.

I myself am up for receiving any letter you care to give. Yes, even those Hungry kinds. I could always use more fuel for the fire. As for giving out any, I will try but might not always reply or send.

Also: please note that some letters may require Free Evenings, or for you to become Aqqauinted with each other.

I will accept all actions, though I hold the right to refuse for my own reasons. However, if you explain WHY you send me a harmful action like Loitering or Dantes,And I feel the reason good, I will consider it more. https://www.fallenlondon.com/profile/Kylestien

Paramount Presense. Any lesson you desire to learn, I shall impart it. (:
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The Whisper Merchant
A discrete and subtle correspondent; available for roleplay or in-character conversation.
Open for contract, subcontract, or a light dinner.
Discretion is a must. The bold are tolerated.

The Fading Philosopher
A clever correspondent who is not as he was; available for roleplay or in-character conversation.
Open for discussion, debate, long and dramatic pauses, accidental naps.
Fallen star of high society who finds escape behind mirrors, too lonely, sad and mad to care.
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Good evening everyone.
I am looking to improve my baking skills and would love a couple of new recipes for scones. If anyone is interested, feel free to add me as an acquaintance and please specify what kind of letter you want in return. I'm afraid I can't sent discordant missives at the time but I can send notes on the Correspondence.
edited by Kaminski on 6/10/2021

Kaminski; Correspondent, magnanimous hedonist. Available for most types of social actions
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