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This is a tabletop RPG my dear friend Roberto and I have been working on off and on for around 3 years. I have seen a few other Fallen London Tabletop RPGs around, but I feel that ours offers a few aspects that I haven't seen in others: A mix mechanics that account for the high lethality/death works differently aspect of the game, an extensive equipment list, a system for creating custom monsters to reflect the variety of beasties in the Neath, an equal treatment for stories that take place anywhere in the Neath, and a system of terror and insanity that parallels the games.
We are releasing this as version 0.9, so suggestions and criticisms are highly encouraged. Things we are considering for future versions include: A bestiary containing the various canonical beasts of the Neath, a lore document that provides NPCs and story ideas for the various locations of the Neath, a Sunless Skies expansion, and an expansion for a weird west fan work I have been toying around with. If any of those ideas sound appealing, please let me know!

Download Link:alias.live/aUKZr3
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the old man
the old man
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it looks quite good. Well done

an old irish spy from the colonies, somewhat irrigo impaired but still sharp as a tack. friendly enough just don't mention parabola he gets awfully melancholic. (an honorary cat my life is complete)
no plant battles please for the love of god
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