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Spoilers relating to the Great Chain, and beings high on it that reside in the Neath
[spoiler] I have encountered a hole in Fallen London's lore- an absence of information surrounding December. What information there is is intriguing, and has incredible implications. So, I decided to try to put it together. If I am wrong, which is likely, at least I have opened up discussion about the topic of December. Typically, with other things in Fallen London, examples being the Fathomking and surface powers, they turn up in one of the games, or have an exceptional story with information about them. There is nothing but throwaway lines in ambitions and futures, and a short appearance in Sunless Skies for December. I am not aware of any fate-locked content that goes into detail about December.

What is known is that they are, first and foremost, not human, very high up on the chain, perhaps ranking higher than one of the space-bats we know as the Masters, they do not speak per se- instead they communicate through concepts, although they seem to hide it, compared to the Daughter of the Sapphir'd King who wants to you to know that she is incredibly above you, their mask is possibly not a mask, they wish for revolution and the Liberation of Night, and would like to democratize death and smash Nidah's control over it and they are seemingly genderless.
Now, why does this open more questions? Because we know the big higher-ups on the Chain that reside in the Neath. The Gods of the Zee, Mt. Nomad, the Bazaar, the Masters, the Flukes, perhaps the Fathomking and a few other beings here and there that fall into broader categories- princes of Hell, fingerkings, etc. Another one to this roster of the most important individuals, lore-wise, in the entire Neath. (I am surprised no one else has pointed this out previously) And unlike some of them, December does not slumber. Their political power could be comparable to the Khan or Empress, or one of the Masters- they have seemingly total control over the revolutionary movement.
But where does December fit, how did they get into the Neath in the first place, with an ultimate origin in the High Wilderness? Likely not through the rock above the Neath- it seems only Stone, the Bazaar, and the Masters came to the Neath by mundane means. (Maybe the Axiles too?) Which leaves the Avid Horizon. I do not think someone of December's rank would be granted permission to cross into the Neath by themselves, unless they are a great deal higher than I think they are- sun-offspring compared to a high-ranking devil, so December would have had to be accompanying someone. Those who have passed through the Avid Horizon in the past are two- Storm and Salt. Storm I have a hard time seeing being accompanied, but an event in Frostfound in Sunless Sea describes Salt as commanding messengers, both Axile and something else- and I think that is the most likely possibility as December's origin, crossing the Avid Horizon in Salt's entourage. What December is doing in Salt's entourage, what they are, exactly, or their ultimate motivation to come to the Neath, I have no idea If there exists another, I would love to hear it. And, another question: if there exists one being such as December- higher on the chain than humans, pulling strings, in secrecy- are there more? The only potential candidate I can think of right now is the Old Man in Vienna, patron of the Great Game.[/spoiler]
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I hope we will learn more about December in future stories. There’s a lot of potential. I like them – and the mystery surrounding them – very much.

Their literary inspiration, Sunday, is Nature/God/Universe itself, so who knows, what if they might be something similar? Perhaps a fallen Judgement. Or some kind of a true deity, higher than these flawed and mortal false-gods.

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Ixc wrote:
Also December runs a crime ring in Spite

Where was it mentioned?

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