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Here you can speculate on the game’s plot, discuss its characters, and compare notes with other players.

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This a copy of a text I posted on the Discord for the community.

I have a theory about the Bazaar. [spoiler] Recently, I was thinking about the Lady in Lilac. She separated a part of herself to love the Bazaar, the part that never learned to love a monster, that is. The word "monster" here is interesting. I don't think se is referring to the physical form of the Bazaar, indeed, it would be odd for someone to try to dedicate their love to something which they find physically repulsive. If it's not the physical appearance, what could it mean? Well, the part of the Lady in Lilac in the Nadir wants to help Mr Eaten, another monster. If this is the part of the Lady in Lilac who doesn't love the Bazaar, what if these two thing are linked? That would explain what she meant by the word monster. It would mean that the Bazaar is partly responsible for the death of the drowned man. One reply someone could say, is that this part of the Lady in Lilac is only seeking (ha!) to destroy the Bazaar, and avenging Mr Eaten is simply a mean to an end. I would answer back by saying that she could have contacted multiple people in the Nadir who could help her take down the Bazaar, and yet she only show herself to a seeker specifically, which implies that avenging Mr Eaten is one of her goal.[/spoiler]

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the old man
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good points but if I may retort one last bit toward the end of your points. [spoiler] she could have contacted multiple people in the Nadir who could help her take down the Bazaar. It's to my knowledge at least that the vast majority of people in the nadir are unwilling or unable to leave and thus affect the neath[spoiler]

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