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Hello. I have had this idea for my OC for a while now, and wanted to know what you all thought. There's a part of me that might think it a little tasteless, though I plan to talk about maybe addressing that. In order to do so however, I will need to go into some DEEP spoilers for one ambition.

This is you main warning of there being spoilers for the Bag a Legend ambition inside. Serious ones too. Avoid this if you do not want them.

[spoiler]Ok, so in the very late stages of Bag a Legend you learn that the beast you are hunting seeks to make World War 1 a war that last forever that noone can stop. I have had the idea since getting 40 GG Renown and a lot of chess items of making my character a Spymaster seeking to either prevent that war entirely, or at the very least to minimise the damage and length of it. I have also, since MYE will exist one day, thought of the character going though it several times and "Ending" on the BaL Ambition, finally stopping the villain's machanations.

My main questions on the idea are as follows:

1: Do you feel this idea might be rather tasteless to the whole fact that WW1 was a real thing that happened? I have been torn between outright preventing it in the Neath and "merely" reducing it to it's real world horror rather then the Forever War that was planned for this reason. Or just abandoning the idea outright.

2: I admit that I also want my character to be rather a hedonist and into some fun unmentionable activites for thouse you who enjoy the kind of proviclations that Fallen London's content tends to lend itself towards. (though i have no desire to hunt such crowds out, feel free to contact me). Do you think these two ideas are intermeashable, and how would it be good to accomplish it? I was thinking either his cover is a person who enjoying wine and other company, or he does it because trying to prevent a war is a hard task and he needs downtime.

3: If you have anything else you desire to mention, post it here.[/spoiler]
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1. Seems like a good idea. It’s a noble motivation. And the Surface at this point is quite an alternate reality anyway. Not to mention how many fictional works explore ideas like "what if it didn’t happen or went differently", including wars and catastrophes, and are loved nevertheless.

2. Why not? Both reasons that you mentioned are certainly plausible.

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