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Here you can speculate on the game’s plot, discuss its characters, and compare notes with other players.

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The Dreadful Intriguer
The Dreadful Intriguer
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20 days ago
Hello, delicious friends. If it wasn't obvious from my signature and literally everywhere else having to do with FL, I am completely enamoured with the Once-Dashing Smuggler. I've read everything I could about him and became incredibly disheartened that he isn't available as a spouse (is that a spoiler? I'm new on these forums, forgive me) and I've decided to never end things with him. Is anyone else wishing he was available for marriage?

Is the sweetest sound not silence?

The Dreadful Intriguer: A gentleman with the charm of an enthusiastic devil, the appearance of a Tomb-Colonist, and the cunning nature of an Urchin. Forever committed to the Once-Dashing Smuggler. ♡
(He does not speak by mouth and will use other means of communication.)

The Sprightly Mariner: The elder sister of The Dreadful Intriguer, on the trail of adventure and treasure. A charmingly terrifying lady of the Zee.
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