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8 days ago
What is south of the south? Perhaps, you will voyage to the mountain of light. Perhaps, you will look father still. Perhaps you will voyage past the 77th kingdom, making bargains and enemy's along the way. Perhaps, you will travel past the sandglass wastes, where a god was born. Perhaps, you will find that the ceiling becomes further and further above you as you travel further. Perhaps, you will find a endless marsh, with the almost open sky raining in a endless, peaceful drizzle. Perhaps, you have "borrowed" a dirigible from Mr. Fires. Perhaps, you voyage upward towards the ceiling of the cavern. Perhaps, when you reach ceiling, you will find it is made of melting ice, riddled with the correspondence and lightning. Perhaps a bolt of it strikes and fills your mind with the single moment of mercy that storm has ever had, a secret it kept from it's bright masters even as it told all else to them. Perhaps you vessel catches fire and falls back into the marsh bellow.

And then perhaps you die right there. Perhaps your death is temporary, perhaps not. Perhaps, on the way back you are slain by the warriors of the elder continent, or by it's many other dangers. Perhaps you arrive home to London safely, secure in the knowledge of what is above the ice, for only the most peaceful ocean could allow passage into the Neath at such a scale.

Now, this is all just a story.
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