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Miss Francine Laot
Miss Francine Laot
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Being an actual inhabitant of surface London, and now that lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease ("pubageddon" indeed), I'm wondering if there are any sort of official/unofficial gatherings for enthusiasts of the Neath here in town? While it might be a little early in the easing (and so perhaps come Fall might afford better opportunity), it seems to me that it would be great fun to gather for drinks and socializing in the spirit of one of Mr. Wines' revels (or something like), Victorian-styled fancy dress encouraged-but-optional! Big Grin


Miss Francine Laot, an irresistible, breathtaking and observant lady (& A Person of Some Little Consequence).
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While that sounds like a lovely idea, I'd hate for any of our community to get sick - I'd strongly recommend waiting until the pandemic is over before gathering with strangers!

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Meradine Heidenreich
Meradine Heidenreich
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Well, out in the open at Watchmaker's Hill -- or near the Shuttered Palace (Kensington Gardens in UL) would be an option. But indoors and revelling -- hm. I'm with the former Sir Fred there.


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