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On the subject of this month Exceptional Story (The Dilettante's Debut), some have talked about the house of Fairfax and said that it no longer exist. no longer exist. Yet, we have recently found the recent lord of Fairfax. Here he is: https://dcist.com/story/20/06/15/65-pound-alligator-snapping-turtle-named-lord-fairfax-found-wandering-in-alexandria/

I think this is proof that the Steadfast Footman was less steadfast than we thought, and eventually used his knowledge against his master.

Just another face in the crowd (Quidam)
A hunger, a curse, a question (Limos)
Limos is finally in the hell she always thought she deserved
Glory and fame is all a Lady of Adventure need (Arcanzola de' Medici)
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Catherine Raymond
Catherine Raymond
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Looks like somebody was into the Shapeling Arts!

Cathy Raymond

Catherine Raymond aka Mrs. Rykar Malkus http://fallenlondon.com/Profile/Catherine%20Raymond (Gone NORTH)
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