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Hi all! I was wondering if there was any guide or meta as to the best options to pick for getting that Inspired up quickly. I've checked the wiki but I'm not entirely sure the Change Points are up to date and I am needing a LOT of Memories of Light for my Route to Parabola. Any guides out there/any best tips?

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Jolanda Swan
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The CPs on the wiki are up to date afaik. And there's a full guide, too.

The best options are generally:

+ 35 CP:
Call on the help of the Church (needs Favours: The Church)
The people's art (needs Favours: Revolutionaries) [Suspicion increase!]

+ 30 CP:
A city of culture (+ 40 CP Rare Success!) (needs Favours: Bohemians)
You have rivals (needs Favours: Society)

+ 25 CP:
Devils and art (needs Favours: Hell)

+ 20 CP:
Composition: the high path (needs 25 x Honey)

+ 15 CP:
The Bohemians (+ 20 CP Rare Success!) [Scandal increase!]
The lead [- 5 CP Austere]
The Decency Evaluator (needs 50 x Candles) [Suspicion increase!]

+ 10 CP:
Nature in the Neath (+ 20 CP Rare Success!)
A quiet day at your lodgings (+ 20 CP Rare Success!)

Note that this presumes your Persuasive is high enough for a 100 % success rate on all actions.
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