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Well you should see Polythreme Pam
A very nice ceiling, but they scream like a ram
Well you should see the nice rag, depicted on a stuck flag
Yes, you should see Polythreme Pam
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Get a look at the crack in their built
An onlooker would be fill up with guilt
It’s this sort of small thing, that make you turn in a tilt
Yes, you could say, it’s a painful big split
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

(There, now maybe this song won't get stuck in my head every time I go to Polythreme)

Just another face in the crowd (Quidam)
A hunger, a curse, a question (Limos)
Limos is finally in the hell she always thought she deserved
Glory and fame is all a Lady of Adventure need (Arcanzola de' Medici)
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