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For the discussion of our Sunless Skies, released January 2019.

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Looking back at the Sunless Skies kickstarter trailer, I can't help but notice there are two things that after several Ambition completions I haven't seen in the final game:

1. The sight of what seems to be a planet engulfed by an explosion, and

2. The round...THING with tentacles and lots of eyes behind a stone surface big enough to dwarf a train.

Any ideas what those are? Cut events? Something alluded to in the digital lorebook* I was unlucky enough to miss out on?

*On that subject I understand those had a really limited distribution but if there is anything, ANYTHING in them at all about what the White's up to I'd really appreciate anything that stuck out to you guys

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Gul al-Ahlaam
Gul al-Ahlaam
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The second one is clearly faith's fall, but an earlier, cartoonier, animated version. The first one I think is one of the generic planets or moons or whatever you can see in the background as part of the texture, with a generic explosion effect to provide a visualization for the line "murder a sun," which is done through text in the actual game.

EDIT: Also no, just checked, there's nothing about the White in the lorebook, or indeed anything you couldn't learn in-game.
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