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So, today I became curious if anyone else has ever had a dream relating to Fallen London, as I wound up having one that was semi-related to it this morning.
I'd absolutely love to hear what sort of effect the game has had on your dreams, if any!

Mine was quite bizarre, and I blame remembering a particular Roald Dahl story for bringing it about.

It was like a movie, with very atmospheric lighting.
This British fellow was married to this large, almost fully amorphous mound of honey, that glowed faintly and had the vague form of a woman's upper torso atop it.
He came into his home one night (which is incredibly dark, aside from the soft blue light coming through the far window, and his wife's faint warm glow), stopped at this one door to the right side of the room, and peered into the room and announced 'It seems our daughter has become a lady of the evening', to which his wife answered, in a harsh Cockney accent, 'As she should!', with the overall implication being that the man didn't work, so this was how the family was making money.
There was also an implication that wasn't directly stated (the knowledge just existed in relation to what was shown in the dream, if you understand what I mean) at one point that the daughter was akin to a drone, while the mother was the 'hive queen', which wasn't explained further.
At this point, the wife lead him to the room next to that one (which was implied to be her own), opened the door and said 'Look!'
The room was fully empty besides an old, powder blue desk with a mirror attached to the back, illuminated by faint blue light coming from a skylight overhead.
He responded with 'Is this for me?'
And then, without a word, she shoved him in and locked the door behind him.
His only company for the next few days was a single honeybee that was in there for some unexplained reason, until his friend from town came looking for him eventually (about three days later). He found him at the desk, hunched over, crying 'I didn't mean to hurt it!' repeatedly.
There was a slow establishing shot along the floor, which was now heavily dappled with faintly glowing honey drops, and in the middle of it all was the, now dead, bee, which it was implied he killed and ate on day one of isolation (because he'd been starved prior to being locked in the room) and then coughed it up out of guilt.

Following this, was a portion of a separate dream where I was relating this information to my husband and our long-time friend, whom have both played Fallen London before, and I said 'I have to tell you about this new exceptional story on FL, it's so strange', at which point I woke up.

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I once dreamed about Mister Eaten, before I knew much about it. It was this primal source of evil, that slowly consumed you. I remember in my dream seeing the bald man that his used as the icon for Obscurity, and I knew that this person was faceless. After that, I got obsessed with that storyline.

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Jolanda Swan
Jolanda Swan
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Ι... think I am about to have dreams about haruspexx's dream.

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Pretty sure I remember someone talking about how they were trying to do something specific (I think they were trying to read a letter) but kept getting interrupted. Every interruption got exponentially bigger.

I think it ended with every police officer in fallen london converging on his location before he woke up. Don't remember if he accomplished what he wanted to do in the dream.

This was posted, like, 3 years ago or something. I remember the craziest things.

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