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Catherine Raymond
Catherine Raymond
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Bonny Kate wrote:
I don't see Encounter at the Feast as a pinned storylet. I was really hoping to purchase a few companions. I'm wondering if this is because I haven't finished a Viric dream. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Viric dreams are independent of the Lilac and "Encounter" cards.

After I used the last of my Masquing on a Viric dream, I noticed that my "Encounter" pinned card seemed to have disappeared. However, I discovered that I still had a couple of 1 Masquing gifts left. After I converted them (giving myself 2 Masquing) via the Lilac pinned card, "Encounter at the Feast" reappeared. I deduce from this that you cannot see the pinned "Encounter" card if you have no Masquing.

Cathy Raymond

Catherine Raymond aka Mrs. Rykar Malkus http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Catherine%20Raymond (Gone NORTH)
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Bonny Kate
Bonny Kate
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I converted a gift to masquing, and there is the pinned story! Thank you!

I quite like receiving Calling Cards.
I am open to most social actions (including trading boxed cats), and am happy to help with menaces or actions involving second chances.
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