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7 days ago
I just want to add one more thing:
Worst Idea of the Decade: What’s the foolhardiest thing your character has ever done?

Actually, there are a lot, but I think the most notable is getting last Hallowmas I got the Spirit to 7777 because why not? We know the maximum reward (2500) reset the quality, but it was worth it!

To this I can add Someone is Coming to 77, Talk of Town to 77, North, Orphanage scheme to 77, 777.777 Jade pieces. smile
edited by Skinnyman on 2/10/2020

ESs items and quality requirements sheet. Please check if there are errors or if something is missing
Achievement list if you're feeling bored!
I am accepting Plant battles, Neath's Mysteries card, Starveling Cats and boxed cats.
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7 days ago
Most Characterful Affectation - I'm living a very ascetic existence. I have stockpiled large amounts of wine, but I don't drink any of it. I've been very careful not to acquire any points of Hedonist, and try not to accidentally ding my ranking for Austere. I have avoided the affectionate devil and other such storylines. I guess I just haven't had a lot of interest in doing anything in the game that I wouldn't want to do in real life. That's okay - it leaves me more time to hang out with tentacled rubbery monstrosities and secret societies and such.

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7 days ago
Most Characterful Affection: being a Scarlet Saint who wants to make his own church in Parabola http://community.failbettergames.com/topic26539-the-scarlet-church-of-parabola.aspx

Honeyaddict, Scarlet Saint, Paramount Presence
pleasure to meet you.

Has some ideas the Masters won't approve of like some items and establishing a Colony in Parabola.

I will accept most social interactions (not duping). I do enjoy role playing as well.
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7 days ago
Best Headcanon:

At one point, someone had to have written a sitcom (or the Victorian equivalent) about the Masters and the Bazaar. It’s out there somewhere, the Ministry just won’t let us have it.

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Hannah Flynn
Hannah Flynn
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7 days ago
Thank you all; the competition has now closed. I'm going to lock the thread so people don't continue to enter!

Now I'm faced with the somewhat daunting task of sorting and judging all of these entries! They'll be very touching to read, from what I've seen, so I'll have to make a big cup of tea and crack on.

Thank you, everyone, for entering, and for being part of this community. You're delicious.

The judging will take me a full week, easily, so expect an update from me next Monday!

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Hannah Flynn
Hannah Flynn
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1 hours ago
Fallen London Memories Competition Winners

Thank you, everyone, for entering this competition. What an absolute treat it’s been for us, and a fitting celebration of these last ten years.

We didn’t expect to receive quite the volume and breadth of entries that we did, and it’s been possibly the hardest community competition ever to judge. I’ve shared the entries with the team, and we all have enjoyed looking over them so much!

The written entries have been some of the finest we’ve ever had, both in and out of character. Many players entered just to tell us what Fallen London meant to them, specifying that they weren’t thinking they’d win. So lovely, and emblematic of the kind and thoughtful community you are.

I’d also like to give special mention to everyone who cooked, drew or spoke their entries, you complete wild cards! Thank you, thank you.

We present the winners, who will each receive a new Fallen London companion. The companion’s nature is redacted, but I’m sure they’ll reveal it to you all in due course!

(We’ll follow up with the winners over the next few days to confirm exactly which character they wish to receive the companion, as they’ll be bestowed manually.)

Most Characterful Affectation

So many of these made us laugh ruefully, or shake our heads in bemusement. You all really are a creative bunch. But we particularly enjoyed the story which accompanied this admission of being utterly addicted to a certain kind of sunlight. Congratulations to Discord member paracelsus!

Their entry:

"The darkness of the Neath was something Reinol von Lorica had never learned to embrace. It was relaxing and calm, yet eerie. Candles and lamps could only drive it away for so long and could never match the comforts of true sunlight. He longed for the days of the past, lost. He longed to wander the fields under the sun and the sky. He longed to know what it was like to truly be alive again.

It was fortunate that there happened to be a way that tended to his needs. Every once in a while, after making a quick trip to a certain establishment in Veilgarden, Reinol would retreat to a hidden section of his mirror’d suite. He would breathe shakily, and produce a little wooden box stamped with pictures of the sun. And then, he would open-

-glorious light fills the room! In that single moment, he is not in the deep and dark cavern of the Neath but on the bright Surface! He would stand, aimlessly losing himself in bitter nostalgia, whisking himself away to memory. Fondly would the low, grassy, plains be remembered. The feeling of sunlight upon skin, the wind blowing through hair. A moment of perfection, pure bliss.

When it ends, he would smile and laugh, his age seemingly wearing away. He would shake his head sadly and leave the room. Perhaps a walk would cheer him up once more. And as he would leave his lodgings, he would sigh, and stare up at the silver moon above.

A Touch of the Upstairs About You: 100"

Worst Idea of the Decade

You won’t be surprised to learn that there were SO MANY potential winners in this category. You all are up to terrible things, constantly. But one entry stood out from its very first sentence. Congratulations, TheThirdPolice!

Best Co-op Play of the Decade

It was very touching to hear so many stories of players supporting - or enabling?? - one another! But one entry stood out as a perfect encapsulation of Fallen London at its best: two people meet by chance, and through random circumstances set off a chain of roleplay events which culminate in the writing of an entire text-based game as a story finale, and only after that do they find out anything about one another IRL. Congratulations to Jean Gulberg and Dude Guy, both of whom will receive a companion!

This one was from Discord, so I'll cross-post it here:

"About three years ago, when I had a different character, Allexander DeGaulle, I began roleplaying with another player by the name of Dude Guy. Due to problems with my google account, I decided to deactivate my character and start from scratch with a new one, Jean Gulberg. This meant
I had to reconnect with all my former contacts, but I didn’t know how to explain this in-character to Dude Guy (with whom I had previously
exchanged many social actions), so I made up a story about how Jean was an old friend of DeGaulle who came to the Neath to investigate his
“mysterious disappearance”. What started as a simple excuse quickly spiralled out into a fully-fledged story, which we both made up as we went
along, featuring (but not limited to): a mysterious black box stolen from a Benthic Professor, an intrusive doppelganger of my friend, premonitory
dreams, multiple alternate realities, the possession of my body, and a secret society that threatened all of London. Most of the fun, however,
came from our interesting social interactions. For example, my friend would send me an innocuous message asking to play chess, but hidden inside
was a secret code that I would have to decipher to further the plot, and then I’d reply in kind. We also wove in official events, such as the election of the Jovial Contrarian, whom we decided was the head of our secret evil society. This culminated in me making a browser text game for him that
served as a conclusion to the story (which is still available here: https://bit.ly/2GlbhXc ). Afterwards, we decided it was finally time to know more about each other and begun talking on Discord. FL basically kickstarted our entire friendship."

Headcanon of the Decade

What really appealed to us about this entry was its personal nature: the glimpse into a character’s life, and the utter finesse of its execution in the form of a comic. Every detail was wonderful, right down to the ink on Mr Pages’ sleeves! Congratulations, catsith00!

Read the comic

Real Life Memory of the Decade

This was by turns a completely heart-warming and heart-wrenching category to judge. So many of you told us about how Fallen London has kept you going: how it helped you come out, overcome bereavement, or helped you realise you wanted to transition. We see all of you, and we appreciate you so much.

We found it so hard to get down to a single entry, and so we took the advice of someone very wise, and looked to love.

Congratulations to Hammond and Elizabeth Lynnette, who both entered their love story of meeting through Fallen London. Hammond is our winner, and in the spirit of love, you will both receive a companion.

Winners, watch out for a message from me in the next couple of days!

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