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For the discussion of our Sunless Skies, released January 2019.

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Release Date: 09/01/2020

For bug reports and technical help, please see our Troubleshooting Guide.

Please see our announcement post for further details of updates to this build.

Bug fixes
  • The correct category can now always be selected when submitting bug reports.
  • High Wilderness inhabitants and other locomotives will now keep more distance from ports and relays.
  • Curators, Logoi and Eaters of the Dead are less unrelenting in their pursuit.
  • Various small adjustments have been made to ambient messages.
  • The bug report interface now includes a link to the troubleshooting guide.

What's Next
We’re busy working on the Sovereign update which will be launched across PC and console.

Sovereign will feature new starvation content, trading opportunities and facets, along with a redesign of the character progression interface. It will introduce a new exotic engine, the ability to continue to raise stats after reaching the level cap and an equipment stat rebalance.

Along with fixes for outstanding bugs, performance improvements and a number of quality of life updates, it will feature a redesigned control scheme and interfaces optimised for controller support, plus a fancy radial to make UI navigation more intuitive.

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