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the old man
the old man
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should I get a refund complain, eat the entire stock and feast ,feast, feast
(its my seeking account)
edited by the old man on 12/17/2019

an old irish spy from the colonies, somewhat irrigo impaired but still sharp as a tack. friendly enough just don't mention parabola he gets awfully melancholic. (an honorary cat my life is complete)
no plant battles please for the love of god
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You think you have it rough? I just had to get divorced because I was inches away from accidentally Betraying my wife.

It's fine though, I'll hook up with my ex and betray her instead.

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Rubbery Lumps? This looks interesting..I'll go investigate it, monsieur.

No longer on FL/SS since some time in summer 2020. The Anneliese Lemieux OC I have is moving to an original fiction I'm writing set in the actual real world Victorian universe.
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