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Here you can speculate on the game’s plot, discuss its characters, and compare notes with other players.

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Elaina Schill
Elaina Schill
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someone pointed this out to me and now you all have to suffer too

Main, Phiri Ulfur, the Cunning Shadow. Their heart belongs to a Pirate-Poet across the Zee.
Alt Vermillion Liminate, the Tragic Scholar.
Alt #2,Lady Jacqueline Blackwood, the Savage Beauty.
Alt #3, Veracity Taylor, the Dame of the Docks.
The Dogged Seeker, self explanatory.

I will accept any social actions on Fallen London(unless its a box of live rats. I already got rid of the d---ned things once and am not eager to repeat the endeavor).
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Indeed - and, classy rendition ... i had been expecting a manic rabbit singing along to an Edison phonograph.

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