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Mahogany: locked in Shroud? Messages in this topic - RSS

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Shroud and Glass. Apparently, I chose Shroud at some point, and not Glass. Now Embroiled is 20, Glass is 0, and Shroud is 6.

I want to become connected with Glass. Is it too late for me, at this point? Normally, there's some way to change your mind in these sorts of things. And I'm seeing some options that involve being connected with BOTH Shroud and Glass.

[spoiler](This is an RP account for The Asinine Flatfoot, an insane detective bent on self-destruction in pursuit of something terrible. If you hear me say something that sounds dreary, depressed, or suicidal, please do not worry about me; it's all part of the character. I am in good health.)[/spoiler]
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