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Walking in Arbor is delightful and of course I want to see all the text. But due to all my characters having progressed quite far in the game, I have no chance to see the text for failure results (except from luck challenges, of which there aren't many).

Therefore, I would ask you good citizens of London/Arbor/wherever to share any failures you might experience in this thread. smile Simply echo the text to your profile and post a link here.

The same goes if someone encounters a rare success. Let us know! smile The wiki already lists one or two, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were more.

Everybody who posts a link gets a coffee/chess/loitering/sparring invitation from me. Or a cat box. Tell me what you prefer! Big Grin
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Vavakx Nonexus
Vavakx Nonexus
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I have made a document for gathering all the bits from A Dream of Roses, which has all the failures and the few rare successes that do exist.


Huge shout-out to silurica, as well as mp and Tuxi for helping to gather a lot of the failure texts.

Amets Estibariz, the Moulting Eidolon: Cradled by a sun all their own.

Blabbing, the Hobo Everyone Knows: The One Who Pulls The Strings. A Clarity In The Darkness.

Charlotte and the Caretaker: A family?
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