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This is the place to discuss playing the game. Find tips, debate the best places to find certain items and share advice.

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July, July, July! The time for asking questions, to be sure!

Sir Frederick, the Libertarian Esotericist. Lord Hubris, the Bloody Baron.
Juniper Brown, the Ill-Fated Orphan. Esther Ellis-Hall, the Fashionable Fabian.
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Jermaine Vendredi
Jermaine Vendredi
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I've finally amassed my first 3,200 scraps -- is there any reason to choose one of the four top items over any of the others? Text maybe?

(Otherwise I'm inclined to go for the Veils Velvet. For some reason, I find the textiles amusing. Don't ask.)

NB Dudebro -- there is only one new heist, requires 5 favours criminals.

No plant battles, please.
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