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A Crimson Tepes
A Crimson Tepes
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Greetings, delicious friends.
About a half a year ago, when I was still fresh to Fallen London, I ticked the 'Private' box on my profile, and then promptly forgot about it (D--n irrigo).
This, obviously, has made my FL experience an isolated one, and has brought negative consequences considering the Feast and me being a Correspondent.
Anyway, my problem lies in that whenever I disable 'Private' mode, it automatically is re-enabled when I leave the Profile tab.
Could any of you direct me as to fixing this issue?
(Sorry if this is posted in the wrong subforum. It's my first thread post.)
edited by A Crimson Tepes on 5/13/2019

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Henry Senior
Henry Senior
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The issue is now fixed.
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