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James Sinclair
James Sinclair
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🗡 Attention duelists: I've posted proposed rules for the Fifth Tournament of the Sanguine Ribbon Society. Comments and feedback are welcome! No date has been set for the tournament yet, as the rules are still being refined.

It will be structured similarly to the Fourth Tournament, but with a few tweaks to make things more interesting:
  • All participants who complete the requisite number of Lethal Sparring Bouts will now receive prizes. Thanks to generous donations the SRS treasury is flush with cash, so everyone who finishes will be getting some of those sweet, sweet First City Coins and also Surprise Packages. And something else, too: an exclusive Fifth Tournament badge icon, to add to your SRS leaderboard entry.
  • A special award will go to the participant who completes the required number of bouts with the least amount of points. That player will earn the title "Wooden Spoon", with a spot in the Sanguine Hall of Fame, the badge, and a prize of rats. Lots of rats.
  • There is now a cap for maximum base Dangerous and Shadowy for participants, to prevent OP big Fate spenders from dominating the event (note: the indomitable and highly respectable Archbishop Nero Keller, champion of the previous tournament, has graciously agreed to sit this one out but welcomes a post-tournament duel with the champion).
  • Use of mood card equipment is now explicitly prohibited, to cut down on people stalling while they wait for a mood card. I can't enforce this, but remember that good sportsmanship is the lifeblood of the SRS.
  • I've made it clearer that participants are not only allowed to examine player profiles and leaderboard entries before accepting or issuing challenges, but are actively encouraged to do so in order to be more discriminating about accepting and issuing challenges for Lethal Sparring Bouts.

Any other ideas that you think might improve the fifth tournament? Comment here, or PM me or contact me in-game. I've also posted this announcement to the Fallen London subreddit.

(Special thanks to both Taranlei and Padraig Cooper for their suggestions & feedback at the conclusion of the previous tournament)

James Sinclair

Curator of the Sanguine Ribbon Society 🗡

A fully-fledged rêveur of The Night Circus.

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Spices is yellow
But old Jack-of-Smiles
Is a murderous fellow
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Looks great, mate!
Time to expand my activities and join this tournament. Can't wait! Big Grin

I am accepting Plant battles, Neath's Mysteries card, Starveling Cats and boxed cats.
No suppers, no second chances gain and no need to cure my menaces!
Achievement list if you're feeling bored!
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Excellent - thanks for incorporating the changes, James. They look promising. My ratwork pistol and kneecapping stick are ready.

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