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This is the place to discuss playing the game. Find tips, debate the best places to find certain items and share advice.

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At the Bazaar did forum mods
a weekly questions thread decree

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Jermaine Vendredi
Jermaine Vendredi
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The March story is a while ago, but in general, FailBetter are very good at unlocking a missed story for Exceptional Friends even if the deadline has passed. They've done it for me in the past, and did it for someone else on here very recently. You might want to contact them.

Otherwise, it takes a while -- months? If the stories don't get released for purchase until the concluding storylet is made available (and I'm not positive about that), it would be approx. four months after the first story of the season appeared, which in this case would be June -- maybe.
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No plant battles, please.
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